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2 Q's: Inline LaTeX and Subscribed Thread Notice.

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    I was just wondering why paragraphs containing inline LaTeX have extra line breaks or line spaces after the line containing the TeX image?

    I was also wondering why I don't always see new posts in threads I've subscribed to in "My PF" unless if I click on the link to see all subscribed threads. Do posts eventually expire so that they aren't considered "new" anymore (even if I haven't read them yet)?


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    Hi cepheid! :smile:

    I think it's because the new "inline" LaTeX images are slightly taller than a line, and so take up part of the next line, which therefore has to be left out.

    (i don't think that used to happen, but the LaTeX used to be a bit difficult to read when it was smaller)
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    Oh, you mean why there's extra space under the line with [itex]inceptos[/itex] here?
    Yeah, as tiny-tim mentioned, the inline LaTeX images are a little taller than a line of text using the default font size, and in a web browser, the height of a line is determined by the tallest thing in it. Although in a lot of cases, there's some extra space at the bottom of the LaTeX image that could be trimmed off.
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