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  1. P

    I Jerk and Inertia

    There is this experiment my high school teacher showed in physics class. You are probably aware of it (from There is a video of a teacher actually doing the experiment here: Gradually pull the...
  2. gelfand

    Car rolling down a hill

    [Mod note: Thread moved from General Discussion forum, so no homework template is shown] So - I've no idea where to write this but... I was looking at this post : And started to answer it as it was similar to some stuff...
  3. Stephanus

    Quoting from other thread

    Dear PF Forum, If someone quotes your post from thread other than your quoted post. Do you get an alert? For example like this
  4. naiasetvolo

    The definition of the electric field?

    Hey guys, I need an explanation on the definition of the electric field. It was said in a post that " the definition of the electric field is defined in terms of how it is measured or tested". What do they mean by measured/tested?
  5. K

    Upstream effect on fluid thread

    I adjust my tap to produce a thread of water about 2 mm in diameter. It breaks up into droplets about 10 cm below the spout. I touch the thread near the spout with the tip of a single hair (from my head). I see ripples (standing, not travelling) on the thread 1-2 cm below the hair. The strange...
  6. Stephanus

    Thread is closed

    Dear staff, I just read an interesting thread: The thread was created yesterday 16 August 2015. But now, 17 August 2015 is already closed. I see no offending content, no protest of the mentors, but it's closed anyway. Can...
  7. Stephanus

    Favorite thread

    Dear PF Forum, Does anyone know how we can save our favorite threads INSIDE profile not in our browser? Thanks.