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2nd Year Aero Eng. Student. Where/How can I find related work?

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    I'm a 2nd year Aerospace engineering student at Ryerson University (Toronto). I would love to get a student engineering job this up coming summer! I have no idea how to look/apply for such a job. Could anyone guide me please?
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    Do you have a career services office? I'd start with them for sure. Ask your professors too. You may have to try to find alumni contacts, contacts your professors have, related conferences, etc. Your career services office should be able to help you learn about networking - just be careful about how you approach people. I googled your school and you do have a career services office, so go talk to them :tongue:.
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    My university had a work/study program. We were on quarters at the time (4/yr, incl summer quarter), so for years 2, 3, and 4, co-op students worked/studied every other quarter, and finished in their fifth year. You may be starting on such a program a semester late, but it's good pay (much better than min wage), good experience, and good exposure to a firm with whom you may want to work, at least initially.

    I wasn't a part of the program, but my best friend and eventually best man, was. He enjoyed it tremendously, paid for most of his bills, and wound up spending the first three years of his career working for his co-op company.
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