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Job Skills Aerospace Engineering for an International student (Advice)

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    I'm a BE Mechanical Undergraduate and I'm in my third year right now!
    I have a great passion for Space but ultimately I choose mechanical due to the plethora of career choices and I had a great liking for UAV's(I have a Diploma in UAV design and a Diploma in Astrophysics)
    Now I have decided to do an Masters in Aerospace to follow my passion in space.
    So I researched some Universities in US and have shortlisted some of them and found them really excellent as per reviews.
    However the Job prospects for a International Student for an Aerospace major in the US is very very difficult as far as I know!(Since it is mandatory to hold citizenship to have a job in Aerospace in most of the countries)
    So Im thinking of pursuing my MS in USA and look for a job in Canada

    1)I just want to know whether there are other opportunities available for me to look for a job in Aerospace(which country is suitable for a student like me as per your opinions)
    2)Which country offers job in Aerospace without much VISA problems?

    Thank you for the reading the whole passage and If possible please recommend some Good universities too.
    Also If you happen to have or know similar career stories related to Aerospace please share!
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    You don't say what country you are coming from, so that makes advice difficult. I have worked in aerospace with fellows from India, China, and various eastern European countries. If you are in the US for your degree, you will have a better opportunity to assess jobs here.
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    I'm sorry I don't know how I missed it.I'm from India.
    Can I get more info please.
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    If you want to work in Canada, shouldn't you go to school in Canada? It is much, much easier to work in the country where you are educated. In the USA at least, you can easily get a training visa that lasts a couple of years after you finish grad school so it is easy to get jobs in the USA. You have to figure out a way to get a new visa if you want to stay (many people I know have done that and it has worked out fine).
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    Could you recommend some Good Aerospace Universities in Canada?
    I thought the quality of education in some of the American Universities was very good hence I'm planning to do an MS there
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    In my opinion, in USA, if you graduate from the top Universities, the opportunities to work in Space science are enormous.

    Some good universities for Astrophysics are -

    1. Princeton University
    2. University of California—Santa Barbara
    3. University of Texas—Austin
    4. Cornell University
    5. University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee

    In my personal opinion, aim to get into top universities by acing your GRE and focus on the quality of your education, rest all will take care of itself.

    Hope the answer helps
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