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3 science APs or 2 science APs and Spanish 5 AP

  1. Feb 7, 2012 #1
    I am picking classes for my senior year right now, and I originally planned on taking AP Chemistry, AP Physics C Mechanics , and AP Physics Electricity and Magnetism, along with AP Calc and AP Comparative Government(I need a Social Studies class) and English (regular). (Oh and btw, I won't be taking all the classes at once, since our school runs on block scheduling and I'd take a Max of 4 classes at any one time. EDIT: Also, Mech is only offered in the 1st semester, and EandM in the 2nd, so there's no chance I'd take them both together.). However, I just realized that I couldn't fit in AP Spanish in my schedule. As a prospective engineering major, Should I sacrifice one of my science APs to take AP Spanish or just don't take Spanish at all senior year. I am in Spanish 4 as a junior, and I do believe that level 4 language meets the college requirements of 4 years of language at most colleges, but I'm not sure just how much colleges would value consistency into level 5 of a language.
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    I'd say drop E&M, and take spanish.

    It seems like a bad idea to take mechanics and E&M at once if you are just learning them for the first time and, regardless of what universities thinking in terms of looking at your app, knowing a second language is really good.
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    Honestly, I see what you're trying to do, focus on the sciences because it's your career path, but it isn't necessary to be honest. I got into a pretty good school (many moons ago) without even taking an AP physics class of any sort and my major was Mathematics and Physics. Nevertheless, on a more practical level, taking Mech and E&M together doesn't seem like a good idea. Mech can be, and usually is,a time intensive class because it requires a different frame of thinking, something a guy like me wasn't really used too, after some time I got used to it, but before then, it was tough business. I can't imagine taking that and E&M together.

    Plus, if you take Spanish, you'll probably be exempt from any language requirement your future university may have and thus provided you will valuable time to take more advance engineer courses or basket weaving, whatever makes you happy.
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    Well Mech is only offered first semester, and E and M is only offered 2nd semester, and is pretty common for kids at my school to double up in both classes.
  6. Feb 7, 2012 #5
    I think I misread your post then.
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  7. Feb 7, 2012 #6
    1st semester classes Sept to Feb:
    AP Physics Mech
    AP Chem(Starts 2nd Marking Period in Nov and lasts till end of the year).
    Calc(Same with Chem in duration).
    Comp Gov or English.
    Gym and an elective in the space before Chem and Calc Starts

    2nd Semester classes Feb to June
    AP Physics E and M
    Remainder of AP Chem and AP Calc.
    Comp Gov or English

    Comp gov and English are offered both semesters, so I don't know when I'll take them exactly.
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