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Courses AP Physics 2 without AP Physics 1?

  1. Jul 14, 2017 #1
    Hey, all!

    My situation is as follows: I'm an upcoming senior in high school and in the middle of my junior year I developed an interest in physics. However, at my school, AP Physics 1 is taken junior year and AP Physics 2 is taken senior year. I didn't take AP 1 because I was indifferent to physics at the time, but I now am interested in taking physics. Only AP 2 is open to seniors, so this puts me in a tough spot.

    My idea is that if I could successfully self study AP 1 concepts over the summer and do a variety of practice problems, I could succeed in AP 2 next year. My question is: would this be a feasible option? I think so, but many people at my school struggled greatly in AP 1, so to tackle it on my own over a summer is a bit intimidating. I'd like to get some outsider perspective, though.

    Thank you!
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    Vanadium 50

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    This sounds like a terrible idea. Given that the summer is already half gone, that makes it sound even more terrible.
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    Are any other physics courses open to you this fall?
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    Hmm, I'll find a more rational step to take, maybe different courses. Thanks again.
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    Have you tried talking to the teacher? Are they even willing to let you into the course if you can pass a practice exam or something? It's very unlikely you'd be able to teach it to yourself in such a small amount of time, and you absolutely need to know that material before starting AP physics 2. They build on each other. You'd be better off trying to get into AP physics 1 instead with the juniors.
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    Dr Transport

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    just take AP 1 as a senior.....
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