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Courses AP Bio then AP Physics 1 or other way around?

Hey! I’m a sophomore that is scheduling for next year. Hopefully, I will be taking AP Calc BC next year (junior year). As for my science course, I want to take AP Bio and AP Physics 1 before graduating, but we can only take one per year. So would you recommend Physics during my senior year when I don’t have Calculus or during my junior year when I have Calculus (just as a reference, I’m more interested in Bio, so I’m not looking to go for Physics C).

Thank you!


Welcome to the PF. :smile:

Since you are more interested in Biology, I'd take that first along with your Calculus course. Then take the Physics course after that. You get to learn about your favorite subject earlier, and you will be better prepared for the Physics course if you have completed Calculus first, IMO.

Having Biology early also may help you in deciding which universities to apply to. Have fun!

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