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303 Stainless Steel Properties at High Temps

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    Does anyone have a source for 303 stainless steel mechanical properties (YS, UTS, modulus, poisson's) with variation to temperature, especially around 800C? I've been searching a lot of sites... Or would it be fine to assume 303 has "good resistance to scaling at up to 871C" from http://www.suppliersonline.com/propertypages/303.asp?
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    You might consult these links:


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    Thanks for the quick reply. Lots of 304 data but nothing on 303. Though, 303 and 304 properties are fairly close, except for UTS.
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    There is a 304L that is more resistant to scaling and 321 is also better at high temperatures.
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    See; http://www.interlloy.com.au/our-products/stainless-steel/303-austenitic-stainless-steel-bar/

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