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5.8 Magnitude earthquake hits Montana

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    Would be interesting to know, whether 200 miles can be considered save enough.
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    It certainly made national news this morning, with some wondering about the 'supervolcano' under Yellowstone, which is about 230 miles from the mag 5.8 quake's epicenter.

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    A nice string of aftershocks lately, I'm about 160 km's from Lincoln and the 5.8 event nearly tipped over the Fridge and Flat screen but the kids loved it and are disappointed things are settling down. http://earthquaketrack.com/r/western-montana/recent (Lincoln is also noted for being the former home of the "Uni-bomber" prior to his law enforcement issues.)
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    In the early '80s, an earthquake hit Oregon (I believe it destroyed a school) and it was felt with a strong force in Montana. I remember it clearly. Our entire house rocked. We were in Kalispell (northwest), Montana.
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