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60 seconds wait to report posts

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    Can is be shortened? Now and then it happens that I see two posts that I want to report (like today - both without any content, either posted by mistake or something went wrong), but after reporting the first one I have to wait - and I don't want to do anything in the meantime, as knowing myself I will forget to report the other post, so I am sitting watching the second hand...

    40 seconds to go... 20... 10... oh, shiny red ball OK... what it was that I wanted to do?
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    Interesting, I did not know that there was a delay.
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    That rule even applies to mentors!

    I thought it might not apply. I was wrong. Wearing the green does not preclude us from the 60 second rule.
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    i agree … i've had the same problem :redface:
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