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Medical A book about overcoming pain by increasing pain

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    Hello all. I'm looking for a book possibly written by an MD but most likely written by a Ph.D. I believe published sometime between 1998-2006. The author's thesis was/is training the brain to overcome pain (by increasing the pain). Sometime in the time period given above there was either a book review or an interview with the author in The Houston Chronicle Newspaper, not their web news.

    The only other thing I can remember is this book was poorly received by the author's peers. The author, a man, went on a [wide?] lecture circuit promoting his thesis.

    I had an opportunity to practice what I read within the pages, plus meet and work with him, the author, after an injury and the interesting resuscitation after 22 minutes of a hell of a blast roller-coaster of that "tunnel thing;" however, it left me with so much memory loss. Blah. Blah. Pain is the issue and whether that book is laughed about or not, it works with some people living with a constant 10 on the fun smiley-to-crying 1-10 pain scale. I gave my copy to a cancer patient who after reading this book, flourished!

    But, I've no memory of the title, nor memory of the author's name. Can anyone help?

    Becoming unbraided with OWWW,
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