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Homework Help: A catalyst changes the mechanism of a reaction

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    I know that this one can't be a. or c. which is true but, i think its either b. or d., does a catalyst change the mechanism of a chemical reaction ?

    Which statement is not correct regarding the function of a catalyst?

    a. A catalyst lowers the activation energy.
    b. A catalyst changes the mechanism of a reaction.
    c. A catalyst affects the rate of a chemical reaction.
    d. A catalyst lowers the energy of the product, causing the _____reaction to be more exothermic.
    e. none of these
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    Try finding out how a catalyst lowers the activation energy. That should give you the answer.
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    Well, let's just say that siddharth has given you a BIG hint there.
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    "OMG he broke teh rules!!!111"

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