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  1. T

    Is there a reaction for which the product is the catalyst?

    Is there a reaction of which the product is the catalyst for that same reaction?
  2. Quentin_alex

    Co precipitation of ceria-zirconia-lanthana catalyst support

    My question concerns the resultant particles of a co precipitation reaction. What effects occur when you accelerate/decelerate a co precipitation reaction? What are optimal conditions (speed, etc.) for this process? I am interested primarily in the effects on the resultant powder. Thank you.
  3. navneet9431

    What is 'R' as shown in the figure?

    what are those 'R' atoms(highlighted in red)? Also,What is finely divided Nickel(marked in red)? I will be thankful for help! Note:I am a High School student and English is my second language!
  4. Jr_Particle_Hunters

    Water splitting catalyst help please

    Hi there. We are working on a school science project to compare how different catalysts in water splitting affect the energy/voltage needed to carry out the process. One of our catalysts will be Co-Pi, which is created by adding Cobalt-nitrate to a .1M phosphate buffer solution during...
  5. A

    Non-combustible exothermic oxidation of a Hydrocarbon

    I have 2 queries and would be great if someone can lead me to some specific answers - 1. Is it possible to oxidise a complex hydrocarbon like Ethanol or Gasoline in a non-combustible but exothermic reaction? 2. If this kind of oxidation is possible, what would be the best catalysts to achieve...
  6. T

    Catalyst surface area

    Hi there, I am doing an experiment in increasing the mass of MnO2 when it is added to H2O2 decomposition, and I'm measuring the rate of temperature change. I chose increments of 0.050, 0.100, 0.150, 0.200, and 0.250 g to put into H2O2 when it is decomposed, i.e. the MnO2 is a catalyst. I...
  7. C

    How does a catalyst affect equilibrium?

    OK I clicked a bunch of similar discussions, but it still makes no sense, I barely know what a catalyst is, besides the fact that they do affect the rate of reaction but not the equilibrium expression or pressure, which just got me hella fudged up. And i don't want any over complicated...