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Homework Help: A cylinde with a piston in contact with a heat reservoir at 353 k.

  1. Feb 3, 2012 #1
    A cylinde with a piston in contact with a heat reservoir at 353 k. While keeping this gas at constant temp and pressure of 1.01 x 10E5 n/m2 we permit he gas to expand by 1.5E-5 m3. How much heat does the gas absorb?

    Is it just p x v = w and w = q to get an answer of 1.15 j? Cause i feel like the temp of the reservoir needs to be used somehow...
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    Re: Thermodynmics

    the pressure and temperature is constant. So, the change in volume only depends on the work done by the gas and the constant pressure.

    Work=integral of pressure times dV

    So, yea, since the gas absorbs some heat, the particles will expand to a new volume and a dV of 1.5E-5m^3

    If your calculations are correct, then you are fine.

    The temperature would be used to calculate the amount of moles of the gas and other factors. They are letting you off easy on this. What physics are you in?
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