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A few questions on college physics I (preparations)

  1. Jan 4, 2008 #1
    hello everyone, I just registered on this forum and really hate to start off in this manner (and yes, I butchered my name:redface:). I’m truly sorry for opening up my questions with a story though, if you don’t want to read, I truly understand.

    I completely love the way math classes are taught, kind of like the professor and you are both on the same page, working out problems. They lecture, you write, they give you a problem, you solve, sometimes they work through problems together with the class. This type of style I’m very used to. Even though I finished Calculus I with a high “A”, I took an introduction to physics course in college last semester (not real physics, because it was only algebra based) since it was recommended (though not required) to take that before jumping to the Calculus I based course. First question, If any of you have taken similar courses, how much does the course I took relate to Calculus I based physics?

    2nd part: Now, I'm not trying to pass blame (I actually put 100% of it on me) but my professor for physics did not teach out of the book, instead she used power points which is something I am not too familiar/don't have much experience with. Due to the fact that there was not much time in between each of the ideas/principles taught. It didn't help me much that she blew right through some slides (not nearly enough time to copy down even 1/4 of it on some occasions). It was just tough for me to copy down the notes that were on the slides, while trying to write down the extra information she was talking about (not on the slides). I did read the book afterwards and grasped what she had talked bout. The thing that irks me though, was that in the actual lectures it was hard for me to follow her since my focus was trying to copy the slides and what she was saying nearly at the same time. I guess I may be an old fashioned learner since I was not used to taking notes from the power points either. I'm sure that the mass majority of professors lecture with power points so is there any advice that some of you might have when it comes to taking notes off slides? Did anyone else find it difficult in comparison to learn with power point vs traditional teaching? Maybe someone like me who is used to Math class style of note taking, then dealt with power points?

    I already bought a decent voice recorder hoping it will serve me well, but I know physics is a visual course glancing at all the /calculus/linear algebra/diff. equations problem solving in future classes. Has anyone used a voice recording device with some success? I also went ahead and found out what text we're using for College Physics I (the Halliday/Resnick latest edition) and bought "An Introduction to Mechanics" By Daniel Kleppner to maybe serve as an "outside reference" (I know this book is advanced lol). I really went hardcore into this stuff but am taking it slowly and analytically. Are there any good physics study tips anyone can share with me and maybe some decent texts/reference materials for my upcoming classes? Possibly a reference that supplements the Halliday/Resnick text well? A very positive learning experience even for this basic of a class was it taught me I have to study, study, study for this subject and don't read the next sentence unless I fully understood the one before it. Thank you very much for bearing with me, but I really do love this subject and want to maximize my understanding of it.
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    lol i used to sleep in my lectures during junior college and caught up with classes on my own but I wouldnt reccomend that cause I was really sleepy from gaming too much at night :p I seldom copy ntoes cause its all in the textbooks. I prefer to udnerstand on my own and then bother my teacher at an approapriate time when i do not udnerstand something.
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