What is College physics: Definition and 77 Discussions

The Chinese Physical Society (CPS) a professional society of physicists established in 1932. It is part of the China Association for Science and Technology. Current membership is at around 40,000. CPS has been a member of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) since 1984 and of the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS) since 1990.

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  1. L1ght

    Courses Similarities in College Physics 1301 and University Physics 2425

    I'm completing College (Trig-based) Physics 1301 this week and enrolled in University (Calculus-based) Physics this January. I'm also taking Calculus 1 in parallel. My question is: How similar / different are the two classes, besides 2425 being Calculus based ? Will 2425 (University Physics 1)...
  2. TutaTeacherAllan

    Calculating the center of mass

    Figure 4 shows three point masses glued to the vertices of a massless triangle of side L=2.0 m. Two of the massess are m=0.75kg and the other mass is twice that value, as shown in the figure. The device is allowed to rotate about point A in a verticle plane about the centre of the larger mass...
  3. N

    Courses College Physics Capstone Project

    I am required to complete a semester-long capstone project for my undergrad. I'd like to do something involving carbon fiber. Was just looking for some possible ideas. The difficulty is finding a project that is physics heavy and can last an entire semester. Thanks
  4. Scott Hill

    Intro Physics Discover the Benefits of OpenStax College Physics for Your Algebra-Based Class

    I'm thinking of using the OpenStax College Physics text for my algebra-based college physics class this fall. The few mentions I've seen here of the book are lukewarm, though, but I wanted to ask for a general discussion. How does the book compare to something like Serway or Knight? What's...
  5. maxhersch

    Other College Physics: Struggling with Time & Complexity

    I am in my 4th year (3 semesters left including the current one), taking mechanics, E&M, quantum mechanics, and a lab course. For each of the three main courses, we get one problem set per week that's around 5-8 questions. In addition to that there's a lab report due every 1-2 weeks. It really...
  6. I

    Should I Use College Physics for Self-Studying: Algebra or Calculus Based?

    Hi, my name is "Bob" I have a particular question about a specific book. Preface... It has been a while since I formally studied Physics. The type of Physics book I remember using last was I believe, Algebra-based. This was in high school. Based on my degree, I studied Algebra and Trigonometry...
  7. TheKracken5

    Schools Advanced Math a advantage or disadvantage in college physics

    Hi, so I recently switched my major from Math to Physics. I will be taking my first calculus based physics course in the fall. I am curious if people think the typical route of taking calc 1-3, DEQ's, LA concurrently while going through the physics courses is beneficial? Versus someone like...
  8. N

    Can Virtual Labs Effectively Enhance College Physics Learning?

    Is there any software, free or commercial, which students can use to perform physics lab experiments online? I'm looking for a software for college physics, say, from Linear motion, motion under gravity, Newton's laws, Energy, momentum, Rotational dynamics, to Heat and Thermodynamics. CD or...
  9. PhanicKnight

    [College Physics] Electric field and point charge

    Homework Statement Around a point charge there are three points: A, B and C. Determine the electric field vector for those points. Also, determine the force vector for q0 if it was in point B. Q = 10 µC, a = 1 m, b = sqrt(3) m, q0 = 10 pC 2. The attempt at a solution Here is the attempt at a...
  10. A

    Review book for College Physics I and II

    In September I will be a Junior in high school (11th grade). I am already taking Chemistry, and thinking about taking Physics also. I have basic trigonometry knowledge (I will also be taking A2T (Algebra 2, Trig) at the same time as this course. The first half of the year is College Physics I...
  11. E

    Intro Physics College Physics with Calculus help book suggestions

    Hello everyone, Im currently taking my first semester of College Physics with Calculus and i need a good book to help me study concepts and maybe have example problems that have step by step analysis. Any Suggestions?
  12. P

    Schools Should I read University Physics by Freeman & Young right no

    I just graduated from high school and will begin university physics classes in 2 months. Even though I got decent grades, I feel as though there are still some gaps in my knowledge. I have Calculus by Stewart and University physics. Which one should I start reading and hope to complete in 2...
  13. I

    Schools Taking College Physics 2 before Engineering Physics 2?

    Hey everyone, I am trying to strategically plan my semesters ahead. This Summer I am planning on taking Engineering Physics 1 and Cal 3 (or College Physics 2 in place of Cal 3). Prior to this semester, I had no experience with Physics, so I enrolled in College Physics 1 to see how it goes. I...
  14. B

    College physics problem -- Find gravitational acceleration

    Homework Statement Here's the question: As space colonization expands, it's important to build new stations from local materials instead of bringing everything from Earth. Your latest task (besides asking for a raise) is to check the long-term stability of a proposed configuration of asteroids...
  15. I

    Schools Any good YouTube channels for 'College Physics' (algebra)

    Hey everyone, I am currently taking College Physics I which covers basic mechanics, Newtonian physics, and some other various topics. It is algebra based, as I didn't have physics in high school. I was wondering if there are any good YouTube channels that you all find helpful? I normally watch...
  16. R

    Schools Community College Physics vs University Physics

    I apologize if this is the wrong place to put this in advance. Hello. Well, recently I completed the Calculus based Physics(General Physics I and II) at my community college. In both classes, my grade was a B. My dilemma is that I am wondering whether I whether getting a B here means that I am...
  17. Mister T

    Teaching Relativity in a College Physics course

    I teach a bit of special relativity to non-majors enrolled in the typical two-semester introductory college physics sequence. These are my goals. 1. Have the students develop an understanding of the basics such as length contraction, time dilation, relativity of simultaneity, energy, and...
  18. L

    Significant Figures: What is the Correct Number for g in Your Area?

    Homework Statement Solve for g in your area with the correct number of significant figures. Theta = latitude = 50.7 degrees h = height = 518. m Homework Equations g = 9.80616 - 0.025928 cos2(theta) + .00068 cos^2(2*theta) - 0.000003h The Attempt at a Solution Well, I just plugged in the data...
  19. M

    Tensile/Bearing stress in a cantilever member.

    Two steel straps are use to hold member BCD level. The size of each strap is 12 mm thick and 50 mm wide. A 16 mm diameter bolt is used to connect thesteel straps to the 89 x 89 mm post at A. A 25 kN is applied at the free end of the cantilever at point D. Determine: the tensile stress developed...
  20. Yohanesnuwara

    #1 An Advanced but Simple Motion-in-1D Problem (1)

    I get these physics problems from Engineering Physics Course at my recent university, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. The questions are really simple but needs an advance and deep analysis to answer them. The system of answering the science problems here in my university is quite...
  21. T

    Schools Is Taking Physics Classes at a Community College Worth It for Grad School?

    Hi everybody. I am graduating in May with a BS in mathematics. This semester I am taking calc based physics 1 and would like to continue taking physics classes after I graduate with a view to taking the gre physics subject test and getting into a physics graduate program. Would it hurt my...
  22. Etheryte

    College Physics Curriculum

    What are the common classes, and if it's not too much additional trouble, textbooks that are associated with then in the first year of college under a Theoretical Physics major?
  23. A

    What is the best college physics textbook for beginning students?

    I will be going to college next year and the course is called 'Fundamentals of Physics', it is assumed that the students have never done physics. It is a calculus-based course that covers mechanics, thermal physics and waves. After researching, I have narrowed my options down to two textbooks...
  24. I

    Schools Continue Learning Physics After College

    So I've been studying A level physics since September 2012 and it's coming to the end of college years for me. Studying physics was so much fun and I really want to continue studying it (of course, less in an 'exam studying' way and more in just a fun learning way). I've chosen to study...
  25. P

    Schools Roanoke College Dean's Award: Physics Program Review

    Got offered a dean's award from here - http://roanoke.edu/ What do you think of their physics program?
  26. K

    Wavelength of Photons After Compton Scattering of X-Rays

    [b]1. X-Rays of wavelength of 0.065nm undergo Compton scattering from free electrons in carbon. What is the wavelength of the photons scattered at a 90 degrees relative to the incident beam? λ'-λ = (h/mc)(1-cosθ) is the equation I know, but I would really appreciate an explanation of...
  27. QuantumCurt

    My College Physics book is horrible. Suggestions for supplements?

    Hey everyone, I just started College Physics(algebra/trig based) a couple weeks ago, and I'm quickly realizing that my textbook is horrible. It barely even really explains any of the concepts, and the ways that equations are being derived are completely different from the way that my professor...
  28. A

    Schools I am Planning to take College Physics , but I Have Never Taken Physics

    In my next semester I will take Calculus and Calculus Base Physics, which only covers Statics and dynamics of particles and rigid bodies; force and motion; energy and momentum; rotational motion, elasticity and simple harmonic motion. Would I do well in the physics class without physics in...
  29. 9

    Schools I do not understand college physics at all

    I'm in my second semester of my sophomore year at a community college. In my first semester, I took an Introduction to Physics class. I found it to be a little bit of a challenge, but my professor was really helpful, and with a little help, I could actually understand the material, and passed...
  30. A

    Schools Does one need Physics with calc or can one just take college physics

    At the university in my town they offer summer physics courses. Although only college physics and not physics with calculus. I have the option to take this and do the first half of physics. Will only taking physics without calc hinder my abilities for later classes in physics? The prerequisites...
  31. N

    Schools High school student doing college physics

    I am an high school student starting grade 11 this year . I have been interested in physics since class 6 and i have been studying advanced physics since then . IN grade 9 and 10 i have read and solved problems from Resnick,halliday and walker's book ( which i think is a undergrad book isn't...
  32. bcrowell

    Intro Physics College Physics by OpenStax College

    Author: OpenStax College Title: College Physics Download Link: http://cnx.org/content/col11406/1.7/ Prerequisities: Contents:
  33. M

    Schools College Physics - Intro Physics for majors

    College Physics -- Intro Physics for majors So, I'm taking College Physics and were using...College Physics(strategic approach) by Knight, volume I. My approach to getting an A in the course is to study 3 times as many as the assigned homework problems(Only about 12 a week!), chew through...
  34. C

    OpenStax Free College Physics Textbook

    This free online physics book seems really great for a newbie like me. It's free and covers what my school calls general physics I and II, plus more I think. Enjoy! http://cnx.org/content/m42955/latest/?collection=col11406/1.7
  35. D

    Difference between University Physics and College Physics (by Young et al)

    I currently have College Physics by Young/Geller. My friend (who is superb at physics) told me that that book is not good and University Physics by Young/Freedman is a better choice. I would really like to know what is the difference between these 2 books? Should I invest in the Uni Physics...
  36. A

    College Physics Problem Capacitor / Inductor

    A 10.0 Microfarad Capacitor is charged to 170 Micro Coulombs then connected across the ends of a 4.00mH inductor. (a) Find the maximum current in the inductor. (b) At the instant the current in the inductor is maximum. How much charge is on the capacitor parallel plates? (c) Find the...
  37. A

    College Physics Problem Genesis Mission

    Physics Question When the 210-Kg Genesis Mission Capsule Crashed with a speed of 311 Km/h, it buried itself 81.0 cm deep in the desert floor. Assuming constant acceleration during the crash, at what average rate did the capsule do work on the desert? Given: m = 210 kg Find W =? vo =...
  38. C

    Calculate Final Position of a Car Using Acceleration on a Level Road

    1. Starting from the origin, a car accelerates on a level road from rest at a(A)=-2.00 m/s^2 until T(1)=20.0s. The velocity is then held constant until T(2)=40.0s, and then the car accelerates at a(B)=5.00m/s^2 until T(3)=50.0s. question: What is the final position of the car? 2. delta X 3...
  39. S

    Liberal Arts College Physics Student Struggles

    Hey, So idk if this is in the right section but it might be so if it needs to be moved mods go ahead and move it my apologies in advance. I go to a liberal arts college, with a small physics department (great, short of 1 prof faculty) mostly lack of any serious funding, I did not transfer for a...
  40. W

    Elevator Problem For General College Physics

    Homework Statement A 220 lb man stands on a scale in an elevator. What does the scale read when the elevator accelerates upward at 1.6 m/s^2? What does it read when accelerating downward at the same rate Homework Equations F=ma, w=mg, The Attempt at a Solution m=w/g 220/9.81 =...
  41. K

    College Physics II Charge/ Coulombs Law

    Homework Statement A point particle that has a charge of 14.5 µC is located at x = 0, y = 0 and a point particle that has a charge q is located at x = 11.6 cm, y = 0. The electric force on a point particle that has a charge of 5.8 µC at x = 23.2 cm, y = 0 is -(19.7) N ihat. Determine the...
  42. E

    Schools Imperial College physics MSc programs

    Entering my 4th year of physics at University of Toronto, the time has come to look at graduate school... I've just come across http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/theoreticalphysics/postgraduatestudy/mastersdegree", at Imperial College London, titled "MSc in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces". Its...
  43. Andy Resnick

    Pre-Tests for Algebra & Problem-Solving in College Physics

    Doing some end-of-the-semester reflection regarding my course (algebra-based PHYS I & II, non-majors), and a suggestion was made to incorporate 'pre-tests' next term as a way to quickly flag students that may struggle with 1) algebra and 2) problem-solving, and who would then be recommended to...
  44. M

    Courses High School Student Looking for College Physics Course in New England

    Hi, I'm a high school student...I was wondering if anyone could help me find a college where I'd be able to take a physics course over the summer (it doesn't matter if it's for credit or not). I live in Massachusetts, and would prefer a program in New England. If there are any pre-AP or SAT II...
  45. J

    Schools Is AP Physics like College Physics?

    I'm a senior currently taking AP Physics C: Mechanics and really like the class, and am thinking about majoring in it in college. However, I know that college math is nothing like high school math. Is college physics similar to AP Physics C?
  46. Pengwuino

    College physics: Labs vs. Recitations?

    Have there been any studies done as to which is more effective as supplements to teaching introductory physics courses, labs or recitations? I've been having discussions with a fellow grad student who has never taught a intro physics lab about their effectiveness and also with a professor who...
  47. B

    Serway's College Physics vs. Halliday, Resnick, Krane's Physics?

    Which of the following books is the greatest physics book at the basic introductory level? College Physics, 7th edition Serway Physics Vol I and Vol II, 4th edition Halliday, Resnick, Krane Physics, 5th edition Giancoli
  48. J

    Schools Exploring College Physics: A Comprehensive Guide for Self-Study

    Can someone kindly suggest to me a general physics book that explains concepts thoroughly and provides exercises at an introductory (to intermediate) sort of level? More specifically, I would like to learn more about electromagnetism, light and radiation. And I would like to self-teach...
  49. J

    What Are the Best Introductory Books for Self-Learning Physics and Mathematics?

    Can someone kindly suggest to me a general physics book that explains concepts thoroughly and provides exercises at an introductory (to intermediate) sort of level? More specifically, I would like to learn more about electromagnetism, light and radiation. And I would like to self-teach myself...
  50. 1

    Schools Second Chance at Intro College Physics: Can I Make It?

    Hello, I'm in my 30's and haven't been studying algebra, trig, or physics for around 19 years. Well, i just failed my second physics test and I'm pretty bummed out about it. However, I was thinking of taking the same class again next semester, but I'm not sure if i will do any better the second...