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Studying A good path to get into Cognitive Science

  1. Apr 14, 2016 #1
    Hello people,

    I am currently in my third year of Physics B.Sc., and I will prospectively get the B.Sc. Degree in half a year...if I just knew in which direction to go. I wonder if it I can get into cognitive science and machine learning from that position. Which physics bachelor theses do build on that? Or should I first complete a master thesis on an appropriate topic? Do you have a suggestion or experience to share?
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    Cognitive science is a huge field, so it depends on which part of it interests you most and what the opportunities are subject to your constraints and desires.

    I ended up in the field of traumatic brain injury from a physics background, mostly because I saw a need for certain kinds of physical thinking in better understanding and quantifying injury mechanisms.

    For someone at your stage of career, I would recommend looking for research opportunities for the time left in undergrad, and also explore graduate school opportunities. I'd start by identifying some number of research groups you'd like to work in and then contact the PI and see how to get from where you are now to working in their research group.
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    I am happy about every opportunity to get in to the CogSci-Branch. My preference would be the Neural Network and Machine Learning part. What do we have in Physics, that ties on that? Complex dynamic Systems? Link between Quantum Information Processing and Information Processing with Neural networks? teachable optics?
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