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A hyperbolicshape of the universe, despite measurements

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    If I have got it all right the latest measurements of light from very distanced super novas tells us that the space of the universe is not curved, either hyperbolic or Spherical.
    But I have recently been introduced to diffrent kind of hyperbolic geometries, like the projective model for example.
    Couldnt our universe be a hyperbolic universe (if the hyperbolic geometry in this case is as the projective model says) without contradicting the measurements of the supernova light?
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    There is always the issue of the difficulty of using observations to differentiate between different cosmological models that are conformally equivalent to each other.

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    It's currently too close to flat to make a call, at least at large scales [~100 Mpc] based on the majority of current evidence. The supernova project is, however, not a good test for spacetime geometry. Dark energy is viewed as a much more promising candidate explanationg for the brightness discrepancy. This of course, presupposes the universe is expanding, but that appears a more reasonable explanation than one based strictly on geometry.
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    Chris Hillman

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    Projective model?

    I suspect you misunderstood something, but it would be impossible to say unless you can give a citation (preferably to something like an arXiv eprint).
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