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A mechanical toy car (without electronics) should turn on detecting obstruction

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    HI all.
    I wanted to make a toy car (except battery and motor completely mechanical) which should turn and move along on detecting an obstruction. I saw such a toy car but unable to get the design. Please help guys...
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    Not really feasabile to do it by mechanical only. You can do a mechanically programmed car that will move in a certain pattern but not one that will adapt.

    The problem boils down to:

    Input -> Signal interpretation -> Action

    Using purely mechanical means input and signal interpretation are incredibly difficult (read nearly impossible) to achieve.

    The action part is really easy, that could be done by rotating a steering wheel by hydraulics or pneumatics or an electric motor that turns a wheel.
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    Dude Even i was amazed but our sir showed us that and told it is done using some gears and the toy costs less than 100 rupees. It is possible dude ...
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    Let us know the details then.
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    When you say 'detecting an obstruction'. Can the car touch the obstruction? If yes then it can be done mechanically, if not then it can't.

    I immedately thought of avoiding the obstuction, which requires a non contact sensor. As such the sensor itsself will have an electrical output.
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    It will touch and then turn ...
    Do u no how???
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    Some sort of leg out front that when it touches an obstruction, will push the car backwards and the front wheels to the side enough times to get it out of the obstructions way. The foot would run all the time (connected to the drive shaft).
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