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A necessity: Where to buy graph paper?

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    I can't seem to find double-sided 8 1/2 by 11 graph paper. I've tried looking at Office Depot but they only have one-sided ones. Does anyone know of the cheapest way to buy graph paper online? Does Staples sell any 2 sided-graphing paper? By the way, I'm talking about the boxed ones that are perfect in size. :smile: Thanks.
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    Check the college bookstores, maybe some of the undergraduate college ones. There once was some greenish quad paper, strong print on one side, print lightly visible on the reverse side.
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    Are you telling me that normally graph paper is only 1-sided? I think I remember using double sided graph paper before but I don't remember where I got it from. I only have a community college near where I live. =/ Plus, aren't things in the bookstores over priced?
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    I bought a package of Office Depot brand paper. Ask for the glue top quad ruled pads. They are lined on both sides (though I can't imagine using both sides as it is rather transparent with dark pencil or ink) and are 8.5x11. It comes in a 6-pack of 50-sheet pads.

    If it helps, tell the store that the item # is 533-840.
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    My school store had the best price on it, 500 sheets $15, Ill see if you can order it online later
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    That depends on the brand and the type of graph paper. Some of the fancier types might be found only as one-sided, but some of the cheaper (not meaning poor quality) cartesian paper may be double sided. You are probably expecting cartesian paper which you can find at a college bookstore, stationary store, teacher supply store, often even grocery stores & drug stores, and naturally, office supply stores.
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    Dr Transport

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    I wish we could use graph paper. Try drawing

    [itex]\frac {5(12x+65)}{x^2-25}[/itex]

    On lined paper, pfft they're masochists :smile:
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    I myself love the yellow pads, like a legal, but it has light blue graph squares on it that are in like ~1.5" darker lines, split up into ~10 each (i think).
    Started using those at a lab and never went back. Use them for everything.

    Nice thing about it is the blue ink is printed on the back, so on the front you only see the ghosting through, which is plenty to draw on/see without pulling away from your notes. And if you need the full graph you just turn it over.
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    Staples has a ton of it. They have the engineering graph paper, graph paper notebooks, computation notebooks, etc.
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    uhhh...i got mine in wal-mart..... a pack of 275 pages for like $0.75.......
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    I just get engineering pads.
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    i've been printing out my own, it's so much neater too

    i can choose whatever color i want. i hate the blue-graph paper, it's so damn blue!
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    I don't know if you have CVS near you, but that is where I get mine. It is three hole punched though. Come to think of it, I have never looked at the back, but I am quite sure it is two-sided.

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    Dr Transport

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    Too expensive, last time I looked it was about $10/100 sheets............. and in my old age, I can't see the lines anymore.
  18. Jan 17, 2010 #17
    I was searching for Graph Paper and found this Forum. I don't know if anyone can help me in my search, but it's worth a try.

    I do dressmaking and need Graph Paper. When I lived in England I used to buy Dressmakers Graph Paper either in Sketch Pad size booklets or on rolls. I've been in France for 6years and have finally run out of my supply. Unfortunately the shop I used in U.K. has closed. I can't find the size I need in my region of France.
    Can anyone suggest an On-Line site where I might be able to get some?
    I keep searching Google but keep getting results for "printing your own graph paper" or sites such as this Forum. My printer isn't big enough to take dress makers size paper.
    Any ideas greatly appreciated

  19. Jan 17, 2010 #18


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    Googling dressmaker graph paper, I found a site that sells it, but it's quite expensive, they may ship to France, they're in the UK. http://www.gardengateknitsewcraft.c...t_176910-DRESSMAKING-SEWING-HABERDASHERY.html

    I often made my own custom graph paper for sewing and hobbies by using long rulers or a yard stick. just put your large pad of paper on the floor, make dots along the the sides and top at the measurement you need, then align the yardstick with the dots and make your lines, it's very quick and easy and CHEAP.
  20. Jan 22, 2010 #19
    Hi Evo
    Thanks for the site and idea about making my own graph.
    One of my problems is that we are still renovating. Hence - Building site.
    I do my sewing at a French social group and there we are stuck for space so, until further notice, I have to buy the paper.
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