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I A new blog about LQG and related!

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    Norbert Bodendorfer started a blog this year that seems to answer a need. Loop QG research is going through a fertile transformative period--generating lots of new ideas and new questions to work on. Bodendorfer's blog, called Relatively Quantum, can help us follow that. It also can occasionally put the spotlight on the ILQGS (international LQG seminar) which also has a connected blog.

    I think the need is primarily one for a critical mass of interconnecting bloggers. Relatively Quantum (the name evokes "quantum General Relativity" i.e QG, quantum gravity/geometry) is being followed by
    the particle physics blog-watch, which registers new entries in a range of topics. That's one good thing. Another is that Bodendorfer's "Blogroll" links not only to Interactions but also to Backreaction, Not Even Wrong, and the ILQGS blog. So there could be some coming and going amongst these.
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    One thing Bodendorfer does is let us know about a QG workshop in Helsinki later this year that features the work of up and coming YOUNG QG researchers.
    Here is his entry:
    Here is the participants list for the workshop:
    On the participants list I see names like Hal Haggard, Wolfgang Wieland, Alejandro Perez, designated as speakers.
    Here are a few of the participants who are presenting their work (the actual participants list is much longer):
    • Norbert Bodendorfer (University of Warzaw, Poland), Speaker
    • Sylvain Carrozza (University of Bordeaux, France), Speaker
    • Astrid Eichhorn (Imperial College, United Kingdom), Speaker
    • Lisa Glaser (Universtiy of Nottingham, United Kingdom), Speaker
    • Hal Haggard (Bard College, U.S.A.), Speaker
    • Jeff Hnybida (Radboud University, The Netherlands), Speaker
    • Miklos Långvik (University of Helsinki, Finland), Speaker
    • Ilkka Mäkinen (University of Warsaw, Poland), Speaker
    • Alejandro Perez (Centre de Physique Théorique, France), Speaker
    • Simone Speziale (Centre de Physique Théorique, France), Speaker
    • Wolfgang Wieland (Perimeter Institue, Canada), Speaker
    • Edward Wilson-Ewing (Albert Einstein Institue, Germany), Speaker
    • Antonia Zipfel (University of Warzaw, Poland), Speaker
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