Lqg Definition and 4 Discussions

The Clowes–Campusano LQG (CCLQG; also called LQG 3 and U1.28) is a large quasar group, consisting of 34 quasars and measuring about 2 billion light-years across. It is one of the largest known superstructures in the observable universe. It is located near the larger Huge-LQG. It was discovered by the astronomers Roger Clowes and Luis Campusano in 1991.

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  1. Iliody

    A Barbero-Irmizi and LQG observables?

    Hello, around 2008-2009 I self-studied a little bit of LQG, and become disillusioned by it because I understood that Barbero-Immirzi parameter was related to time parametrization (in a way similar to a scale factor, like $c$), and the dependence of observable mean values was in conflict with...
  2. P

    I Electrostatic in string theory or LQG

    How the repulsion between electrons occurs in String theory and in the loop quantum gravity? The electrons will also create electrostatic fields, or will it be the another mechanism?
  3. A

    I Spin Foam models in Loop Quantum Gravity

    Hi all, I fairly basic question about spin foam models in loop quantum gravity. I just want to verify that spin foams represent effectively represent all of spacetime (in a quantum form), and that the idea is that general relativity can be obtained in the classical limit? Not sure if that's...
  4. Teichii492

    Clarification on key concepts of string theory

    I've been tasked with giving a presentation on any subject i like to my undergraduate physics class. Inspired by a recent lecture i attended by David Tong i have chosen to do a quick (10 minute) overview of the current state of theories beyond the standard model, obviously aimed at being...