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A new Method of Differentiation (PURE ALGEBRA), what do you think?

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    I have discovered this new method. It is a little harder mechanics than normal Calculus, but it is still a new method which I searched that Internet and many other mathematics text books for it but I did find nothing. I want to contact a math Proff about this, I have tried to Contact Two Stanford Proffs and One Mit Proff, but they didn't answer. That is an Example to find the derivative of a third degree polynomial. http://imgur.com/8ScTv
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    interesting :D
    you'd expect it to give the slope because differentiating polynomials reduces the power
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    It is a little bit more math than this but simply true
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    So.... what is the benefit of this over using the power rule? Is there some theoretical underpinning which is not mentioned?
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    It looks like a back-to-front way of creating a Taylor series for the polynomial and then taking the derivative from that.

    But it's a lot more work than the "standard" method IMO.
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