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A newbies question on randomness.

  1. Sep 14, 2009 #1
    Hi everoyne,

    Ill be honest - I don't even begin to understand anything about quantum at the moment - but the question I have relates to it (or so i have heard.) Can you help me out?

    I think I know bits about how you can't tell exactly what a (particle/electron/small thing) is doing or where its going to be. Is there no way conceivable to understand what it will do? Does everything not need a cause and effect?

    Main questions:

    1. Can anything be totally predictable?
    2. Can anything be totally random?

    physically im assuming if absolute zero was reched (i know impossible) total predictability could possibly occur (no?)

    is there any state of totally randomness?

    Sorry if thats a bit of a mess atm - im stuck for time but ill be bcak to clarify soon :)

    Thanks for your help..
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    Ask experimentalists. They will tell you that any variable "measurement" needs statistical treatment so any definite number is a result of averaging many dispersed measurements.
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