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In summary, Johnathan Swift finds a cave drawing that shows a path to a tunnel that will lead him to his mother. He and his brother Cato try to decipher the drawing, but the drawings have been worn away by erosion. They decide to follow the path and find the sign. They walk for what seems like ages, but finally find the sign and follow the path
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I have set the first scene:
The Reaper Empire's battleship has entered the atmosphere of Arcathia ready to strike. Meanwhile Johnathan Swift while exploring a cave outside his family's ranch is startled by the sudden glow of his right hand...
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and he spies a glowing hand-print on the cave wall to his left. A decision must be made to touch or not to touch that is the question.
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Johnathan feels the rumble of the battleship nearing as he decides to touch the cave art with his glowing hand.
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His hand was inches away from the wall when the whine of a plasma pistol charging up made him freeze.
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He slowly turned towards the sound.
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"Running to hide whilst the rest of us fight John?" Growled a man just out of Johnathan's vision. "Always knew you were a coward"
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The man was Cato Swift, Johnathan's older brother who had been distant since their mother's suspicious passing.
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"No, I'm not running anywhere, Cato" Johnathan said, "just trying to figure out what is..."
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''By the seven moons of Arcathia,'' screamed Cato,''you are one of them!''
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Johnathan didn't know if what happened next was an accident or not, but as Cato jumped back the plasgun fired. At the last moment he rose his still glowing hand to shield his face.
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"I am not one of them" Johnathan screamed. "I don't know why my hand glows like the Reapers, but something in the cave drawing may tell us. Help me brother!"
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"What are you talking about?" Cato screamed, "what cave drawing?"
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Johnathan placed his hand on the cave wall and it lit up the drawings showing what appeared to be...
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Cato's gazed with widening eyes at the cave wall as the drawing became more fine with detail each passing moment. His trembling open lips finally moved to speak "Brother, the mythical map to the ancient Lords of Ana'rath, our Blessed Ancestors!"
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In the Reaper battleship, Hrak growls and points at the targeting scanner. "There!"
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Hrak, the head Reaper commando steps into the transport shuttle and thinks "One more. Just one more and the mission to rule the universe is complete."
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Zoltar, who knew Hrak since the beginning of the war, recognized the proud and hopeful smile on Hrak's face and whispered "its not that simple my naive friend. We've killed millions, lost millions, but what we've seen is like a breeze compared to the storm ahead."
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"The storm doesn't need to happen if we can kill that last chosen one" said Hrak as the the transport shuttle closed shut.
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Meanwhile, in the cave, Johnathan and Cato were trying hard to decipher the drawing...
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QuantumQuest said:
Meanwhile, in the cave, Johnathan and Cato were trying hard to decipher the drawing...
It shows descriptions of three tunnels that lay before them. Unfortunately the descriptions have been worn away from erosion. They must choose which path to take. Left, middle or right. The rumble of a nearby transport shuttle is felt.
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"We're running out of time" Cato said, "it must be the right path..."
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From the entrance to the cave, "No time to waste Commander Cato, "They have ascended upon Arcathia. We must go and defeat the oppressors."
Cato pulled something from his satchel. "From your mother, to guide you and keep you. We will meet again."
As Jonathon watched Cato depart, clasping the object in his hand, he whispered, "She lives!"
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The object was her soul stone which faintly glowed like his hand. He waved back to his brother Cato, but he was already gone. As Johnathan walked down the path further into the cave the stone glowed brighter.
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Johnathan walked carefully, "I have to find the sign of the secret passage" he thought...
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As he walked on his lonely trek into the heart of the mountain, he sensed that he had been down this path many times before. Everything was becoming familiar, the gleam of the walls of rock, the coolness of the air, the sound of his footsteps, the soft voices calling for him. He vaguely could hear them say, "We awaken."
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Johnathan remember he was down in these caves many times as a young boy with his mother. He was told tales of how the mountain held many powers.
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Johnathan walked for what seemed like ages, his fingers occasionally caressing the walls in search of the sign. He was beginning to despair when the rough texture of the rock under his fingertips smoothed ever so slightly. His heart raced. Was this it? His hands swept over the wall, clearing the dust and the patches of dry moss from the rock until he'd revealed a two-meter wide symbol that dredged up a memory from long ago.

"No..." he whispered.
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Then he screamed,"Nooooo..."
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"...it is not here!". He looked pale, "If I don't find it ". he thought, "we're all dead!"
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Then a wormhole materialized.
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Knowing that oblivion was this world's certain path if he stayed, he quickly leaped into the shimmering orb of darkness.
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And he landed, in the plains, where the battle had ended, where he saw all his people captured, at least the ones that were still alive, by the menacing invaders. His mother, oh his dear mother, was tied to a stake, threatened by sharp swords; and Cato lay wounded next to here.