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In summary, Johnathan Swift finds a cave drawing that shows a path to a tunnel that will lead him to his mother. He and his brother Cato try to decipher the drawing, but the drawings have been worn away by erosion. They decide to follow the path and find the sign. They walk for what seems like ages, but finally find the sign and follow the path
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"There's nothing I can do," thought Johnathan. Just as he was about to simply surrender, there was a slight glimmer off in the distance. There was hope...
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Immediately the invaders dropped their weapons and ran away in the opposite direction screaming in terror.
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And the next voice you hear... we interrupt your regularly scheduled program for an important news announcement...
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"The state of Bringabongalong has declared war on the state of Xanax".
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Johnathon took one fast glance around and immediately jumped back into the Wormhole hoping for a better universe next time he emerged.
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After the re-emerge procedure, which he was very familiar with by now, the Universe was really odd; he was located in a featureless haze of dim light with no discernible objects in it, apart from his cigarette lighter which lay nearby.
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Immediately Johnathon swore off smoking and tossed the lighter into the wormhole he had recently fallen from, shaking his head at the thought of even one more of those foul cigarettes. He at once regretted his haste with the decision to toss the lighter because...
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The wormhole transformed the lighter into an infinitely dense accumulation of odd socks, some of them unwashed.
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Johnathon stood scratching his head, wondering the fate of a universe where an infinitely dense accumulation of socks (washed or otherwise) was possible.
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Then he remembered an old physics paper by maverick physicist Professor Nemo Nonce: "Mass Reduction of the Universe Due to the Gravitational Collapse of Accumulations of Laundered and Unlaundered Socks."
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