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A program where I can draw a function and calculate the integral?

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    I borrowed a high-quality oscilloscope from Tektronix and when we did our measurements, I basically printscreened each new signal. If I had realized I could export the waveforms, I would have, but I didn't.

    Basically, I know what the function looks like, but I need to find its integral. Aside from dividing the function by rectangles and triangles, is there a program who can take a picture a easily find the integral?

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    Integrating by triangles and rectangles is cute, but things have advanced somewhat. If you are capable of picking points off of your waveform at equal intervals, you can use Simpson's first rule to figure out the area under the curve: http://www.mathwords.com/s/simpsons_rule.htm

    There are several other procedures for numerical information.
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    I actually found a way to do it with Matlab. Thank you, though!
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