A question about the current SAT standardized tests

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hello :

i saw a sat book few days ago and noticed that it is only english and elementary math , i was surprised do you need to pass only sat to enroll in a university why there is no sat object , for example sat physics , sat math , sat chemistry ,...etc

in order to help student with the sat exam you only need to prepare in this subjects ?

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Hagop Bulbulian
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There used to be SAT subject tests a few years ago before they were discontinued. There are a separate set of advanced courses with accompanying tests that most U.S. high school students will have available to them.

EDIT: P.S. The whole standardized testing environment is in flux right now in the U.S. Some universities are dropping requirements for SAT scores. There is a broader movement opposed to standardized tests afoot (wrongheaded in my view).

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