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A question on building research experience.

  1. Jan 15, 2014 #1

    I'm two years away from graduating with a bachelors and I am planning to apply to grad school. I know that research experience is important, but I haven't had any opportunities play out until now.

    I got offered a research assistant position, but the research is not on science. It is basically a psychology research and my task will be to go out and interview people and ask them a few questions and use excel to save all the data.

    My question is, when I apply for grad school, will they take this as research experience considering this isn't even a physics or scientific research?

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    Take it if you think you can actually do it and you don't find something else soon.
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    When acting as a reference for someone, you are often required to assess the candidate across a number of dimensions. These include such categories as: communication, leadership, independence, and initiative. So, while the skill set and knowledge you gain from such an experience may not be directly applicable to your intended degree, such a position help to bolster your application in those other dimensions.
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    some of these skills cross over to physics research (spreadsheet programming, data analysis, and perhaps something more if you decide to do something related to neuroscience/physics ed)... so I agree with the other posters... you will get something to talk about, and that would be better than nothing. And then try to use it as a springboard to get into a research spot in your field... through your own department or an REU.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Um...psychology is a science.
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