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A question on converting MeV to GeV

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    hi - I'm stuck on a question...
    use the graph to calculate the binding energy of uranium 235 nucleus:

    the graph gave 7.6MeV

    i need to give my answers to GeV - and the mark scheme told me to 7.6Mev x 235 to give 1.8GeV??

    i thought you just multiplied by 10^3.

    what happened?

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    Welcome to PF funnybunny,

    Are you sure that the graph didn't show binding energy per nucleon? :wink:
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    yeh..it did...woops
    but even if you multiplied it by 235, giving the total binding energy, it's still in MeV

    i did 7.6x10^6 x 235 x 10^3 which gave 1.8x10^12...which is waay too big
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    nvm - i'm such a klutz! thanks!
    i got the answer
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