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A simple book on trigonometry?

  1. Jul 5, 2011 #1
    First of all, sorry if I posted in the wrong category (it happened with the last topic I made, all this names are confusing :D ).

    I made this topic because I don't know trigonometry. Just a few notions (like the formula of sin,cos,tan). But I also hate it a lot.
    And because learning is basically the thing you do when you learn stuff you didn't know, my trigo-phobia makes me really want to try to understand it (that and the fact that it is super useful).
    I don't want to be great at it, I only want to understand the basic concepts (and to find out what is pi doing in the formula for converting degrees into radians :D). I mean, I really want to understand it, not just memorize formulas.
    So can you guys help with some kindergarten(ish) trigonometry learning material?Anything from a book to some recorded courses would to the thing, I just want them explained the best way they can be, so that (hopefully) I don't get goose-bumps every time I open a Calculus book :D
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