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A simple design for a solar-stirling engine

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    i have attached a .gif of a simple design i made for a stirling engine...i dunno if it would work or not, that is, whether conceptually (and practically) it is sound or not, so it would be nice if someone analyses this for me

    thanks in advance

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    hmmm...when you say someone already tried it, does it imply he/she was succesful? as in did the engine work?

    i am not sure about building it, i would look into a thermodynamics text to see the technicalities involved...but important thing is, is the concept right?

    i also thought later (after posting) that as the piston is to move between two different-temperature-reservoirs, maybe enclose the bowl/cup in some sort of a box to make a greenhouse effect so that higher temperature is maintained in the bowl...and maybe, just in theory put a greenhouse gas like CO2 or maybe even CH4 in it :-p
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    I would say it probably needs to be passively cooled. A pump would ruin your efficiency.
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    right...thanks...but would it work? as in the whole thing?
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