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Homework Help: A single balloon powered HOVERCRAFT with a CD base.

  1. May 2, 2010 #1
    I need suggestion on how to make a balloon powered Hovercraft.

    THE AIM: the aim is to make the hovercraft travell a displacement of tleast 3 meters..

    1. it has to be powered by no more than a single party balloon.
    2. the base of the hovercraft must be a CD. (the CD cannot be modified (cut or shaped))
    3. the hovercraft can be modified any way with any material as long as it follows the above conditions. ( the source of powere must be the balloon. so we cannot add an electric motor or something to powere it.)

    P.S .. i did search for previous topics related to this. nd i didn't find wat i waz lookin for nd some of the thing didn't make sence to me.. sorry, if u can provide a link to a previous topic related to this, dat wud be gr8.. but i dont think there is a topic wit these exact conditions.. Thanks

    Nd i'm new here, so if i make any mistake let me kno plz.. nd if i do then i apologize in advance.. thanks
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    can someone please give me some ideas...
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    tried that... nd most of them doesn't meet the conditions above.. nd i took some ideas from google nd modified it but it doesn't get a gud displacement... most of them just spun out....
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    If you did a Google search on CD balloon Hovercraft then you probably saw the video using the pull up top from a bottled water container. They give the hovercraft a small push to get it to displace. If that is not allowed you will need some thrust from the balloon to get the craft moving horizontally. Try drilling a hole in the side of the bottle top. Some of the escaping air may provide enough thrust to move it horizontally. Or you might try building up the bottom edge of the CD with glue. Leave enough of a gap in the glue edge so that escaping air can create some thrust.
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    yeah...i did c that video.. thx bro.. alot.. dats a gud idea.. i'll try it.. any suggestion on how to decease floor to cd base resistance... .. we'll be testing for the displacement on tiles floor, which is very smooth and shiny..
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