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A small question about the French Open

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    It's the final just right now. Anh I have a small question: It's clay and the shoes of players are all dirty, but the balls look not so. Quite clean? is that right? Anyone ever being inside the court could explain?

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    They change the balls regularly.
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    I'm not sure, but when I was a child, I remember seeing my Mom clean her rugs by hanging them on a line and beating the dirt out of them with a broom. Perhaps the constant smacking with a racket has the same cleaning effect on the ball.

    By the way I'm watching it now too. That Nadal is really amazing. Soderling is throwing everything he can at him and Nadal seems to have no weakness.
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    Well they change the balls - not sure how many in play though, and perhaps when the ball is hit by each racket, the dust gets knocked off.

    The ball spends much less time in contact with the ground, while the shoes are in continuous contact throughout the match.
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