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Homework Help: A spacecraft encounters a stationary dust cloud of density rho.

  1. Jun 24, 2012 #1
    I'm currently preparing for a prelim and just wondering if my solution to this problem is correct. I did a plot of v(t) and it looked reasonable. You can find the question and solution both at http://oi50.tinypic.com/2e3v4e8.jpg.

    The Problem states:

    A spacecraft of mass m_0 and cross-sectional area A is coasting with a velocity v_o when it encounters a stationary dust cloud of density rho. Assuming that all the dust sticks to the spacecraft and that A remains unchanged, find the subsequent motion, i.e. v(t) of the spacecraft.

    Update: I seem to have made an error by pulling v outside of the integral.

    Thank you all for the help.
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    Filip Larsen

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    Welcome to PF!

    You may find it easier to establish the acceleration of the rocket with its accumulating mass directly from the differential of the conservation of momentum, i.e. from [itex]\dot{m}v+m\dot{v} = 0[/itex].
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    Thanks for the help Filip.
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