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A suggestion for the Physics section

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    So I doubt that this suggestion is going to be taken but I'd thought I'd make it anyway:

    I propose the Classical Physics forum be supplanted by 3 separate forums(for classical physics): Electrodynamics, Classical Mechanics, and Fluid Dynamics. And perhaps a Thermodynamics forum if there isn't one already. But I say these 3 branches have some very big differences which is why they deserve their own forums each.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll let @Greg Bernhardt know and see what he says.

    I think it will depend on how many posts we get in each of those fields or if posts tend to straddle two or more fields. Either way it may not make sense right now to split the forums up more finely if you see what I mean.
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    Yeah, if there's one thing that the mathematically minded mentors of PF know how to do well is organize the classification of subject categories. The only one I'm miffed about is the "abomination merger" of the Medical and Biology sections. Who's idea what that?! :eek:
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    The math involved in Electrodynamics is quite different from that of classical mechanics!
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    I would say it is not about whether the math is similar or not. It is about having a manageable number of forums each reaching a critical density in terms of posting frequency. If you split a forum too far, you get too many forums and neither will have enough posts to be considered active.
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    It is not that we have not tried different structures in the past. Subforum must be large enough to grant enough traffic, otherwise it looks bad. Then, it has to be easily accessible - otherwise the traffic will die, even if it already exists - and there are some practical limits to how many subforums can be listed and be still well visible. So while there is a lot of theoretical sense in your proposal, it will be most likely completely impractical and won't work the way you think it will.

    At some point in the past we decided we had enough photography related discussions to move them to their own photography subforum (in the GD). Discussions quietly died and few months later we moved everything back to GD.
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