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A system of two second order differential equations

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    I was wondering what the best method is to solve two second order differential equations that are coupled. I need to solve it by hand and write my own code so I cannot use built in functions in matlab, etc. At time (0), displacement and velocity are 0 with an initial acceleration which is dependent on pressure as a function of time.
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    Perhaps a little more detail would be helpful. Are these ordinary DEs? Linear? Homogeneous?
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    Is it a computational project?

    What language do you use?

    fwiw, if it is, just write a simple Euler integration code (after putting the equations into first order form), see if it works and then compare with results from an RK4 code...
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    I didn't know that I could put them into 4 first order equations, but I did it and it worked fine. Thank you.
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