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A theory that universe is infinite

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    I know that the matter within our universe had to be created or something. But the universe itself, is it possible that it could be the one thing in the universe that is infinite. It doesnt have to expand it is just nothing, void or 0 however u want to put it, it has no dimensions. Does this make sense in any way?
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    Vanadium 50

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    I'm afraid it doesn't.
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    hmm nice answer, can u explain why?
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    I believe the OP is trying to ask if it is possible that the universe has (and has always had) infinite volume therefore making space infinite. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

    Personally, as an ignoramous, I like this idea. But I think many cosmologists like to believe that space was created in the Big Bang and is ever increasing in volume. I think it helps them get around the sticky "superluminal recession" issue that would seem to contradict the assertion in special relativity that nothing can exceed the speed of light.
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    yes that is exactly what I am trying to say and I just want to see evidence of why this cant be true since vanadium 50 said it is false.
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    I just want an educated person in the science of cosmology to help me understand why the universe itself cannot be infinite without any dimensions or if that infact could be a possibility.
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    The way you described it in your first post - as an infinite void - doesn't really make any sense. That makes it a little difficult to explain why it doesn't work. But I'll try:
    -What you suggest does not seem to account for the observation that galaxies are moving away from each other.
    -If you are suggesting that there is, for example, a ball of galaxies expanding into an empty void, that ball of galaxies should have an outer edge. No such edge is observed, nor is there any good reason to think such a thing exists.

    Btw, I know this will sound harsh, but you need to hear it nonetheless: what you posed in your opening post does not qualify as a theory. It is nothing more than uninformed idle speculation.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Actually, I didn't say it was false. You asked if it made any sense, and I said it doesn't. (As evidenced by the fact that it took another couple of posts to figure out what you actually did mean.)

    Of course, we know that the universe is not totally empty.
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    If this really is what the OP is asking, then yes, it is possible that the universe is infinite in space.
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    yes i am trying to ask if it is possible that the unverse is infinite in size, and i didnt mean to claim it as an actual theory i just worded it completely wrong, my bad and i do understand it was just speculation. Could u point me to a link about the galaxies moving apart because that sounds pretty interesting to read about.
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