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A thread for those who want to go back to school

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    I'd like to make a thread like ZapperZ's for people who want to go back to school after years of being out. That's where I started at 2 years ago, and I've had a lot of success in my own studies and mentoring others in the same boat at my local CC. I was accepted to the University of Pittsburgh recently and begin this spring. I've always felt something like this was missing from the academic guidance section since I found the forum back in 2013. People are always willing to give out advice, but very few have actually come from that background of being non-traditional here on PhysicsForums. I'd like to share what I've learned in these 2 years.

    Here's the start of what I'd want this thread to be. Let me know if this is something the forum would like to keep on sticky in academic guidance. This is a work in progress so I will probably word some things differently as I grow the piece. Thanks for any input you'd like to give.

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    You should post this in insights. It's quite good.

    That said, I have two stickied threads in the Academic guidance forum. I want to transform these threads in a collection of academic insights advice. So it will basically be a thread with a dictionary of links to insights articles on academic advice, and then a discussion thread of that. I think your nice work would be most appropriate to be added to that thread!
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    Would you suggest I apply to be a writer and submit the series in pieces on the insights page? The fact that I don't have a bachelor's won't be an issue?
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    If the advice is good then the advice is good. So yes, go and apply. People will review your work then.
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    I'm sending you a message and we can talk about it.
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    Great article! This will be a good reference for others who contemplating the same move.

    I also recommend the mathispower4u.com website as a source of free videos where you can learn much of the math needed for studying physics in short 10 minute video format ala Khan's Academy style. The video presenter is a CC professor too.

    With respect to the depression issue, there was an article recently about how it affects graduate students:

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    I agree with much of what is in the paper except for the need for company. I have come to enjoy long periods of solitude and find company annoying outside of school (company which I enjoy). Fortunately I have good -enough funding at the moment to not need a roommate.
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