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New Subforum Idea - School Application Portfolios

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    New Subforum Idea!! - School Application Portfolios

    Hello forum!

    I have an idea for a new category in the "Academic Guidance" section of this forum which I wanted to present to the admins and mods of this forum. Please let me know what you think!

    I am currently going through the application process for a master's program in electrical engineering and was thinking of posting my entire process including: how I studied for generalize tests, researching graduate programs and contacting faculty, writing my essays, and which programs I was accepted/denied to.

    I was thinking we could create a subsection under the "Academic Guidance" section where anyone could post their application process to their respective programs. I think something like this would really help those who are thinking of applying to any program. It would also give them extra example essays and also give them an idea of what works and what doesn't.

    I know there is a website for M.D. applications in which users can post their application processes but I have never seen anything similar for graduate programs. If this is something that the forum doesn't really think we need, I could post my own process as an individual thread in this general forum if people think it could help them.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Thanks for the suggestion! It's very interesting and unique! We generally don't add new sub forums unless there is an immediate demand. So, I would say post your portfolio idea in the AG forum and maybe it catches fire and then we will consider making a sub forum. thanks!!
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    One of the best way to do this is create your Blog regarding this.
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    I think it's a great idea, to have a big compilation in one place.
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    Sounds like an open invitation for cheating... :devil:
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    Similarly related, over at physicsgre.com (I think that's the URL), there is a section for people to post what grad schools they applied to, what their CV looked like (in general), where they were accepted, what the offers were, and which one they took.

    Something like that on PF would be really nice.
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    The "Building Physics Graduate School Profiles" forum?
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    For the last few years we've had an annual thread for summer REU program applications:


    Start a similar one for grad school applications and see what response it gets.
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