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A very unlikely theory of everything! (I think)

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    Hi all.

    Last night while trying to explain how the world looks at the Quantum level I found myself stumbling upon a theory!

    Before I continue you must understand I have never studied physics nor am I a mathematician.

    Here goes:

    Imagine spacetime as a porous framework, the pores being extra dimensions. The inflation of the Universe is caused by Energy moving into spacetime via the extra dimensions.
    The Big Bang is opposite of a black hole so that our Universe is receiving energy from an alternative Universe, but as Quantum Field Theory suggests everything is actually a single point, and that spacetime is an illusion could explain how the energy a Black hole takes can be pushed into our universe via the 'pores' (extra dimesions) that permeate spacetime.

    It's probably complete nonsense, but I'd like to know why it is! :-D I can imagine it very clearly but explaining is very difficult.

    Is this something that's worth pursuing? Anyone fancy helping me?


    Let the severe criticism commence!!

    Ben Booth
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    I understand that you may think this is the most suitable place to discuss and interact with various people interested in physics about your perspective and propositions but stated clearly in the Forum Rules; it is unacceptable to post one's theories in this sub-forum. And by analyzing your theory it doesn't appear possible for a Universe to evolve or form at an early stage.
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