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Homework Help: A wave generator produces 28.6 pulses in 4.10 s

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    1. A wave generator produces 28.6 pulses in 4.10 s.

    (a) What is its period?
    (b) What is its frequency?
    period= 1/freq.
    v=wvlngth (freq)
    wvlngth= v/freq

    3. i tried to find the number of pulses per second, which I think is 6.9756...
    idk what to do from there x.x
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    Periodic time,T, is the time taken for one pulse.
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    so T= 4.1/28.6?
    which would be 0.143...?

    LOL i was doing it reversed gosh im so dumb xD thankss :)

    and so its frequency would be 1/0.143. Okay n.n Thanks for straightening me out. :)
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