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  1. K

    How to create a mini generator that will charge my phone?

    I was studying generators. I learn most when it is hands on. I want to start a project that creates a mini generator which I can use to charge my Samsung phone. Just for fun. I want to use gas for fuel. I don't have any idea on what books to study or what equations to look for. The books on...
  2. Renewable_energyguy

    Making electricity by means of my old bike

    going off the summary I want some feedback and any opinion that may improve this project, please and thank you.
  3. T

    Using a generator to charge 2 batteries

    My project is to create a circuit for a stroller that can store the mechanical work into electrical while moving around and with the push of a switch, use the electrically stored energy to assist the movement of the stroller. I’ve tried capacitors but it ended up not being enough voltage and I...
  4. N

    Electrical High voltage DC 30kv - 40kv

    Hi all Trying to carry out an experiment and need a high voltage supply Looking for say upto 40kv dc adjustable generator been looking on the net and only able to find low cost voltage boosters on eBay Or if anyone know of a good website to try Any help would be much apreciated Thanks....Niki
  5. A

    AC Electricity Generation and Transmission over a Single Wire?

    I'm a bit confused as to why can't you transmit AC current over a single wire. For instance, say you have an AC generator which induces potential difference at different points of the wire and thus, creating current. Downstream, the wire can be split and applied to a load. When the wire is...
  6. G

    I Conceptual difference between a motor and a generator

    Hi. In order to explain the motion of an (accelerating) electromotor, we need the Lorentz force which itself is not one of Maxwell's equations. Conversely, if we use the same electromotor inversely to generate electricity, Faraday's law (which is a Maxwell's equation) and the resistance of the...
  7. K

    Generator tripping on ground fault during load test

    We have been testing a Cummins VTA-1710-G2 Diesel Generator 1800 RPM 480 Vac 671 kW with an Avtron K580 load bank that is hooked up to our three 480 Vac output cables and one cable to our facility ground. The generator output breaker keeps tripping when the load is around 350 kW. The test...
  8. K

    How to wind a DC generator coil?

    I want to make a dc generator and not sure my design will work. I will wind the coil on a donut shape disk and put 6 rectangular magnets on a disk rotor with North Pole face the coil. Please see attached pictures. Will this design works or have problems? Can I have one continuous coil or I...
  9. D

    Question about the efficiency of a generator

    Using a certain kinetic energy, does a generator produce the same amount of electric energy even if I change the rpm by gearing? Also, does a generator produce energy in proportion to the number of rotation? I mean, does a generator create the same amount of energy between when it's rotated 10...
  10. M

    Mechanically driven generator & inductive resistance to torque

    I have found research from multiple sources and probably shouldn't question but I want to be clear. Inside a generator you have a fixed number of poles and a fixed number of induction coils, the particulars are not important. As a pole rotates past the "inductor" which holds the coil there...
  11. M

    Marx Generator I chose the prefix to get an educated answer. I am not school educated but rather self taught, also instead of focusing primarily on electronics I have studied for the past several years the broader spectrum of electromagnetic phenomena including...
  12. D

    Two AC Sources with One Transformer

    I want to program a little power grid game and have the problem of connecting things via transformers. Imagine the following setup: You can see the AC voltage sources as generators (or together with the resistor as a "consumer", if the amplitude is 0). What I need to figure out are the...
  13. A

    Choosing a wind turbine generator

    I'm doing a school project in which I'm building a wind turbine. The next step for me is to choose a generator but I'm not completely sure what is right for me. I expect to come up to 300 rpm as an average and need the required voltage to for a car battery, which is around 14.4 volt. My...
  14. D

    What generator/DC motor do I need for my wind turbine

    I am making a small wind turbine for my A-level RMT and wondering what kind of generator I need to charge a 12volt battery. The turbine is a vertical axis savonius turbine that will probably be about a meter high and half a meter wide. I know I can use permanent magnet dc motors and someone...
  15. D

    BLDC motor as generator to power eddy current brakes

    Hi everyone - here's a concept that I'd like a few opinions on: As part of a project, I'm looking at using a brushless DC motor mounted on a high-speed vehicle as a generator. Once the vehicle hits its top speed, the batteries should disconnect from the motor and the vehicle's own velocity will...
  16. A

    How exactly do motors and generators work by using magnetic fields?

    So I know if you move a charge in a magnetic field it induces voltage and hence a flow of charge is created which is current. ( Please correct me if I'm wrong). But that's pretty basic right. However, I'm having trouble understanding the use of split rings in the functioning of a motor. I would...
  17. Asmaa Mohammad

    The average EMF in a coil rotating in a magnetic field

    Homework Statement [/B] Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Solution for Q1: Solution for Q2: Solution for Q3: Are they correct?
  18. Ahmad Esber

    B Is it possible to harvest energy from fluid buoyancy?

    So I've noticed my little sister's helium balloons floating at the ceiling. Made me wonder if someone could create a device that could harvest energy from this buoyancy. What if I tied a very long rope to a huge balloon filled with helium, and rolled the other end of the rope to a gear attached...
  19. Manoj Sahu

    What generator should I buy for charging 12V battery?

    I have to charge a 12V 7AH battery using a wind turbine. For this purpose what kind of battery should I employ?
  20. G

    Homopolar generator: disk vs. helix

    Hi, I'd like to build a homopolar generator. Since generating magnetic fields of uniform density of any useful size is very tricky to do with off the shelf permanent magnets (I've tried!) I had the idea to use DC solenoids instead. But with a rotating helical plate in place of the cylindrical...
  21. Undacuva

    Pipe or coil in generators

    Hi, I understand you can induce an electrical current by passing a magnet through a copper pipe. If so, why do generators (and motors for that matter) use coils in stead? Do coils allow a stronger current or greater efficiency? Where can I go to find out the most energy-efficient design for a...
  22. H

    How to simulate a D-D neutron generator with MCNP6?

    Hello everybody, I am performing some experiments with a neutron generator. Specifically D-D reactions. I am trying to replicate the measurements with MCNP6, but I do not know how can I simulate the neutron generator with MCNP6 since the neutrons have a angular distribution. For MCNPX there was...
  23. Alfredo722

    8 small 3-volt hobby motor/generator harvesting

    How difficult would it be to harvest the electrical out put of 8 small 3 volt motor/generator?
  24. D

    Does anyway use escalators to generate electricty

    I was at a large baseball stadium today and they had escalators to bring everyone up to the upper levels at the beginning of the game. At the end of the game, when everyone was leaving, the escalators were shut off and blocked off and everyone was walking down ramps to exit. I was thinking it...
  25. J

    I think I may have found a renewable energy source

    Hello guys so I have this idea of mine which I can't get my head around and I need someone to tell me why it won't work, so let's say you have a fully pressurised tank of air and you blow that pressurised air at a turbine connected to a generator, ovisously the generator will then start to...
  26. G

    I How does this specific Van de Graaff generator work?

    Hi. I have access to following Leybold Van de Graaff generator: The instructions and data sheet can be found here, but they don't give much insight. I have found different working principles of VdG generators. Some need the rising and falling sides of the belt to be closely together from top...
  27. M

    Battery bank requirements

    Hello, I have a bit of an issue and can't figure out how to find out the answer. I want to understand how to find out what battery I would need if I want to scrap the diesel generator I have and go for a battery bank. I have a 1250 kVA rated generator. PF is 0.85, Rated voltage is 400V, rated...
  28. Borrah Campbell

    Negative Ion Generator

    Howdy! How do I build a small low-voltage ion generator? The simplest possible design; we'er talking AA batteries here with step-by-step instructions... Any links or advice would be graciously accepted / appreciated. Here is a youtube video of the thing I want in case I'm not describing it...
  29. J

    B Effect of number of coils on current in a generator?

    Hello everyone and thank you for your replies in advance. I am currently doing a physics project where I am testing to see how the number of coils of wire effects the current generated when a magnet is run through the coil. I am currently just dropping the magnet through the coil from a constant...
  30. O

    Dimensioning a generator

    Hi! I'm working on a project where we are building a windturbine from the bottom up. Myself and a colleague are designing a double stator axial flux generator for our turbine. Our requirements are that we deliver about 10 W at nominal rotation speed. It's a direct axis driven generator...