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Abaqus 6.14 CAE - Imperfection Study

  1. May 9, 2015 #1
    The title of the project is as follows:
    A study of the effect of imperfections on the buckling capability of a soda can under axial loading.

    My group and I are aiming to carry out the following:
    • Linear buckling analysis of soda can to gain first 5 eigenvalues
    • Riks buckling analysis with plasticity and the introduction of imperfections in the form of wall thickness
    • Riks buckling analysis with plasticity and the introduction of imperfections in the form of out-of-roundness
    • Experimental analysis on an Instron machine to compare with results gained on Abaqus CAE
    The following steps were carried out for he linear buckling analysis:
    • Create part (Shell, extrusion)
    • Apply material properties and section
    • Mesh – Sweep
    • Sets of up and down slave nodes with master reference points
    • Steps – Linear perturbation, Buckle
    • Apply constraints, BCs and load
    The same was then carried out for the Riks analysis with the following changes:
    • Add plasticity values for material using true-stress strain curve
    • Steps- Riks, static step
    • Load is set for that to be equal to first buckling load (-2554.5 Pa)
    • Apply load equal to that of the first buckling load
    • Introduce imperfections using edit keywords window
      • Max deformation from linear buckling analysis normalised (1/1.092E-03)
      • Multiply by thickness (0.097E-03)
      • Multiply by 0.1 for 10% imperfection, 0.2 for 20% and so on
    • Using edit keywords window, type in what's shown on the attached image (where Buckle_load are the results from the linear analysis)
    We are now a little stuck on how to compute the imperfection in terms of out of roundness. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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    Hi Ben_P_1992!

    I'm new user of ABAQUS. I hope you can help me to train some knowledgement about ABAQUS related to imperfection+ static ,Riks method with educational fee

    Hope receive your reply?


    My email: thanhhabk2006@gmail.com ur email???Ben_P_1992
  5. Jul 25, 2015 #4
    i am trying to model a cyclic load for a pipe-elbow and when i run the model it shows me the following error: :Time increment required is less than the minimum specified". Could anyone please give me some suggestions on how to eliminate this error. I have tried to change the time step, the time increment and the seeding of the model but didn't help.
    Thanks in advance
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