What is Abaqus: Definition and 52 Discussions

Abaqus FEA (formerly ABAQUS) is a software suite for finite element analysis and computer-aided engineering, originally released in 1978. The name and logo of this software are based on the abacus calculation tool.
The Abaqus product suite consists of five core software products:
Abaqus/CAE, or "Complete Abaqus Environment" (a backronym with a root in Computer-Aided Engineering). It is a software application used for both the modeling and analysis of mechanical components and assemblies (pre-processing) and visualizing the finite element analysis result. A subset of Abaqus/CAE including only the post-processing module can be launched independently in the Abaqus/Viewer product.
Abaqus/Standard, a general-purpose Finite-Element analyzer that employs implicit integration scheme (traditional).
Abaqus/Explicit, a special-purpose Finite-Element analyzer that employs explicit integration scheme to solve highly nonlinear systems with many complex contacts under transient loads.
Abaqus/CFD, a Computational Fluid Dynamics software application which provides advanced computational fluid dynamics capabilities with extensive support for preprocessing and postprocessing provided in Abaqus/CAE.
Abaqus/Electromagnetic, a Computational electromagnetics software application which solves advanced computational electromagnetic problems.The Abaqus products use the open-source scripting language Python for scripting and customization. Abaqus/CAE uses the fox-toolkit for GUI development.

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  1. F

    Simulation of load-unload test in Abaqus

    Hello, I am trying to simulate the load-unload test in Abaqus under the following loading schedule using my UMAT (which has already been validated). As you see, the load-unload test is pure tensile with positive displacements; however as I modelled it in Abaqus the force-displacement curve as...
  2. M

    Simulation of Cyclic Loading in Tensile Test

    I am currently working on a FE simulation project where a tensile test of DP800 steel is subjected to cyclic loading. It utilizes Yoshida Uemori model (YUM) to formulate the modulus of elasticity (E) to simulate the hysteresis caused by cyclic loading. We are using a USDFLD subroutine in...
  3. M

    Is there a library for the Gibson-Ashby model in Abaqus?

    Hello together, I need help for my bachelor thesis. We want to simulate the mechanical properties of polyurethane foam using the Gibson-Ashby model in Abaqus. So I would like to know if there is a library or something similar for Abaqus. I'm fairly new to Abaqus and the Gibson-Ashboy model, so...
  4. S

    Automotive Amplitude based frequency response simulation in Abaqus

    Hi, I have inputs like displacement of a driving mechanism and then the frequency of concern . Displacement: 0.2 mm Concerned Frequency: 100 Hz I would like to evaluate a part with the input displacement applied to a node and not as base excitation. It can be sweep over the frequency range...
  5. A2148

    Automotive Need assistance in Abaqus simulation

    I'm doing static analysis. I have already set up all the prerequisites, preprocessors such as material addition, sectioning, defining boundary conditions, and displacement. However, I'm not getting the results. Please suggest anything. Kindly find the attachment. regards
  6. M

    Problem with the friction model in an Abaqus simulation

    Hello, I have faced a weird problem and would really appreciate any comments. Assume a 2D model e.g. an axisymmetric model, meshed with quad, linear, and reduced integration elements. As you now if a model contains contact, we will get "CSHEAR1" and "CSHEAR2" in outputs. Assuming that the...
  7. W

    Abaqus FEA - how to choose temperature for the sky on a clear night

    Hi, I want to model the phenomena that a windshield gets covered in ice during a night with clear sky even tough the air holds a temperature of a few degrees above zero Celsius (at which water freezes for sea level pressure). Clearly the windshield gets a temperature below zero Celsius, and...
  8. Z

    Polyurethane Properties for Abaqus simulation

    Dear Member, I am doing my research in plyurethane mateiral and planned to do simulation in Abaqus software for which i need some parameters. I browsed soo many sites and journal, unable to get. Please help me. 1. Inelastic Heat Fraction 2. Johnson Cook parameter 3. Plasticity 4. Film...
  9. H

    Total energy (ETOTAL) is not zero and increasing (Abaqus)?

    Hi all, I have performed a small static analysis with one element (C3D8). The bottom face of element is completely constrained, and the top part is displaced. In the geometrical linear analysis, the internal energy (ALLIE) and the work done (ALLWK) are equal. So, with ETOTAL = ALLIE - ALLWK...
  10. S

    How to evaluate pure Mode-II SIF using Abaqus?

    I am trying to evaluate pure Mode-II SIF using Abaqus for edge normal crack in the plate. The solution i am getting using Abaqus is not matching with the theoretical SIF. The boundary condition i have used is shown in fig attached. suggest me proper boundary condition to evaluate the SIF.
  11. H

    Which strain tensor is used by Abaqus?

    Hi all, I have some doubts regarding the strain tensors Abaqus uses for the case of Geometrical non linear analysis. In the case of geometrically linear analysis, all the strain tensors will be equal to engineering strain, So it doesn't matter which strain tensor Abaqus uses. But for...
  12. T

    Abaqus FEA Problem - Displacing an Entire Part at Once

    Hi all, I have a personal project I am working on in Abaqus CAE/Explicit 2017. I have a tube, that I am trying to advance into a larger tube with a bend in it. The idea is that the small tube enters and then deforms around the bend as it comes into contact with the radius of curvature of the...
  13. D

    Abaqus modeling of a complex material

    hello all i'm trying to modal a complex material with matrix of material X and small spherical inclusion of material Y, i would like to have the ability to control the density of the inclusions and the surface properties between the material. does anyone know about a guide for the situation...
  14. A

    Kinematic_plasticity in abaqus

    HI I am not sure why there is a problem with my material model, I seem to be getting an error: "Only one hardening slope is allowed for kinematic hardening". material property is: tangent modulus (Et = 15GPa) Yield stress is 19000 MPa please help me
  15. P

    Abaqus - Boundary Conditions Comparison of two models

    Hi everyone, This is my first time posting here I am looking to get some help with Abaqus, I wish to compare two models and find the residual stress which causes a original model to deform to the other. The deflection between the two models can be calculated by other software. I plan to do...
  16. J

    Building a computing device for COMSOL and ABAQUS

    Hello to everyone, I've just started my PhD in Mechanical Engineering. And we've to buy a computing machine of high end to use ABAQUS and COMSOL software. Can anybody recommend the machines which can run these both software. P.S: We have to use Windows because there seems to be some graphics...
  17. ramzerimar

    Abaqus FEA: What do e11, e22 and e33 stand for?

    I'm new to Abaqus and FEA in general, but my professor asked the class to do a simple analysis on a beam using Abaqus, just to introduce us into FEA methods. I've managed to do almost everything he asked for, but I'm confused about some notations when I get the results. I understand that s11...
  18. Schneller

    Is it possible to import a FE Assembly to SIMPACK?

    In ABAQUS, I have modeled a assembly containing two parts with lot of constraints and other engineering features which are very crucial to my FE analysis. The job ran successfully and I have got satisfactory results. As a next step, I would like to import this model into the Multi Body Software...
  19. B

    How Do I Calculate High Cycle Fatigue Life in Abaqus Using Strain Energy Models?

    Hi all, I'm hoping there's someone here who can give me a little help. So I've run a large number of fatigue tests, both stress and strain controlled, and using the data from these I've calibrated material constants for the chaboche model in Abaqus and run the simulations getting fairly similar...
  20. H

    How to transfer analysis result to second analysis in Abaqus

    Hi, I have to check the buckling of a beam in fire. To do this I am following the below stages: 1. Conduct a heat transfer analysis ( transient ) for 30 minutes in fire , to find out the temperature history of the beam. Please not the temperature of the beam is not uniform 2. perform 6 runs...
  21. R

    Confussion with setting up loading conditions on cylinder

    I have a horizontally supported cylindrical tube that is fixed at both ends. I modeled half of it to run the simulation on in Abaqus. The only load that it has is its weight. What I get confused at with cylindrical geometry is applying the load. How should I apply the gravitational load and at...
  22. N

    Unwanted Node Movement in Abaqus

    Hi, I am brand new to these forums and fairly new to abaqus as well. I am doing a simple radial expansion on an axi-symmetric semicircle with a smaller semicircular hole in it. In order to do so, I created a datum CSYS that is cylindrical in nature but aligned with the global CSYS. In other...
  23. B

    Abaqus 6.14 CAE - Imperfection Study

    The title of the project is as follows: A study of the effect of imperfections on the buckling capability of a soda can under axial loading. My group and I are aiming to carry out the following: Linear buckling analysis of soda can to gain first 5 eigenvalues Riks buckling analysis with...
  24. P

    How to figure out Mcr (elastic critical moment) beams (abaqus)

    I would like to figure out Mcr(elastic critical moment) and Mpl (Maximum plastic moment) in a beam due to buckling in abaqus. How to model material non linearity. How to model geometric imperfection (slightly crooked beams) Is there any way to import I section (rolled) profiles instead of...
  25. M

    Piezoelectric actuator modeling in ABAQUS

    1. Modeling accurately a piezoelectric stack-type actuator2. Please what are the necessary parameters and boundary conditions that one needs to define in Abaqus with regards to the above subject matter?3. I have defined elastic coefficients, permittivity, and piezoelectricity coefficients. I...
  26. B

    Applying a distributed load in Abaqus

    Hey all, So in relation to another question I've posted, I need to apply a distributed pressure in Abaqus on a compressor nozzle. Up to now I was just applying a uniform pressure throughout but I'm wondering how I would apply a pressure distribution? Also would it be simpler to just apply the...
  27. B

    Calculating Pressure Distribution in a Nozzle for Abaqus

    Hey all, So I have a small convergent nozzle that I'm modelling in Abaqus and I'm wondering how I could work out the pressure distribution so I can apply the correct load. The problem is I only know the pressure being fed to it by air compressor. Is there a way to use Bernoulli s or some other...
  28. C

    How to get Von Mises stress for section on Abaqus

    I am doing FEA analysis using Abaqus and I need to get the average/min/max Von Mises stress for a section rather than the Von Mises stress for each individual element. I have tried using python scripts such as http://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=184288 however I have had no success as of...
  29. A

    How to Model Piezo with Voltage Difference Load in Abaqus?

    Hi First,I must thank you for reading and responding to my problem I have a project in modelling Piezo in abaqus and set voltage difference Load on model but I don't know how,I really need your help I wish you could help me and I am waiting for your response thank you again
  30. S

    Modeling of Piezoelectric with using Abaqus

    Hi, I am a beginner user in the Abaqus software. I am trying to model the load on a piezoelectric to find the output voltage (EPOT). The model consists of the a load on the top surface of piezoelectric, the piezoelectric, and fixed condition in the bottom in the direction of Z. The problem is...
  31. theOrange

    Comparing Abaqus/Patran/Nastran for FEM Analysis

    I need to decide on whether to use Abaqus or Patran/Nastran for FEM analysis. However I am not sure what the advantages/disadvantages are of each FEM package. Also, searching on google has not come up with a list of situations where one is better compared to the other. I'm just looking for a...
  32. P

    How to modell Carbon nano-tubes in ABAQUS ?

    Dear Colleagues I want to start some research on the Carbon nano - tubes. In the beginning I need to model a CNT in the ABAQUS. I wrote a code for generating the xyz Coordinates of the atoms in a CNT. The problem is that I can not import them in abaqus. Does anyone has an Idea ? Thanks...
  33. D

    Piezo material modeling in Abaqus

    Homework Statement I am trying to enter the strain and stress properties of a piezoelectric material, I only have d31 and e33 constant with no dielectric constant. I don't know how or where to enter these values in Abaqus since it ask for a Matrix. Homework Equations The Attempt at a...
  34. E

    Abaqus Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene (UHMWPe) Material Modelling

    Hey there, I am currently working on creating models in Abaqus of Wrist implants to see how they respond under different loading conditions. I have used Mimics to export orphan meshes of the wrist bones and also imported the wrist implant itself. My simulations seems to be running fine all...
  35. T

    Abaqus: write surface mesh element detail

    Hi, i need some help in writing the surface mesh in abaqus. i have a wing model, meshed using hexahedral mesh. now what i want is to write the surface element detail on a file, containing the element number and its neighbouring four nodes. for example 12, 2 3 5 6 here 12 is the element number...
  36. T

    Abaqus: How to write mesh file

    hi ! i have created finite element mesh in abaqus. i need to export this mesh i.e. the nodes and element details on a file. can anyone guide me in this respect
  37. B

    Abaqus: Fluid Cavity - Moving cavity under uniform hydrostatic pressure

    Hi Dear All, Hope I can have some suggestions to tackle this weird problem. I have an axisymmetric ball, with CAX8R elements being inflated with hydrostatic fluid elements. Fluid elements surface is put on the internal surface of the ball (defined by picking the surface of the CAX8R...
  38. E

    Executing abaqus job using python script

    I'm not 100% sure where this belongs, but, I have a script that will allow me to modify the mesh size of an individual part in abaqus, and then execute a job on that part. my question is How do I go about changing the mesh size for multiple parts? *edit* removed first part of question, wasn't...
  39. B

    MBS (SIMPACK) or FEM (Abaqus)

    I am working on a project of developing a Flywheel energy storage (powered by electric motor) for a vehicle. The natural frequency of the system has to be calculated. Simple project description: The flywheel is held by two bearings inside a housing. The electric motor is fixed to the...
  40. R

    Modelling non linear springs in abaqus

    Dear, First i modeled linear springs with abaqus: Model >> Assembly >> Engineering Features >> Springs/Dashpots >> Connect two points, In this way i can define just only the spring stiffness. So therefore i would like to define a non linear springs. I used the connecter builder >>...
  41. K

    Any Abaqus related matters in this forum?

    Dear all, This forum is really great. Iam just wondering if there is any dicussion with regard to Abaqus matters. If there is one, please let me know which section that I should post the message to. For anyone who is not familiar about Abaqus, it is a Finite Element Analysis software that...
  42. M

    Buckling of shells, Riks Method in Abaqus CAE

    Hi there, I'm looking to run an analysis of a thin cylindrical shell using Abaqus CAE. Does anybody know where I can find a tutorial or some fairly beginner friendly material. By the looks of it simula run real life courses on how to use the program but I need to figure a way of knocking...
  43. D

    How do I apply the pre-tension option to a solid body in Abaqus FEA software?

    In all the Abaqus manuals I have read, it only tells me what the pre-tension option DOES, or a little bit about how it works, but what I want to know is literally which buttons to press to get to that option and how to apply it. I can't find the option anywhere in the software. Details of...
  44. D

    How do I apply the pre-tension option to a solid body in Abaqus FEA software?

    In all the Abaqus manuals I have read, it only tells me what the pre-tension option DOES, or a little bit about how it works, but what I want to know is literally which buttons to press to get to that option and how to apply it. I can't find the option anywhere in the software. Details of...
  45. M

    Abaqus Modelling - Troubleshooting Tutorial for Beginners

    Hello ! I'm a beginner in Abaqus and for that I've tried to follow this tutorial http://fliiby.com/file/831535/i3rkmyhurs.html . I was all ok until I tried to make the mesh (chapter 3.7.2 in tutorial). It said that they are parts of the assemby that are too complex to be meshed with those...
  46. A

    ABAQUS 6.9 Meshed Beam Cross Section

    I need help with my beam structure in abaqus. The beams I need to model are hollow and elliptical. This is not included in abaqus' library or profiles. So I want to make a Meshed beam cross section as described in the manual. However, the manual is quite difficult to understand. Can someone...
  47. D

    Mesh Convergence Study in ABAQUS

    Hi, I just have a quick question about mesh convergence, hopefully someone can help. I have a model of a pipe bend that I've meshed using ABAQUS and then found the location and value of the maximum von Mises stress. I then refined the mesh a few times and plotted the max stress against the...
  48. G

    Linear Elastic Analysis w/ Abaqus CAE: Truss Structure Assumptions

    In a linear elastic analysis using Abaqus CAE what assumptions does abaqus make of a simple truss structure. Cheers Gordon
  49. B

    Solving the Abaqus CAE 'KeyError' Issue

    I've done a very simple analysis of a truss in Abaqus CAE. I want to create a report of the xy data, but every time I try I'm confronted with 'KeyError:RF', or 'KeyError:U', depending on which xy data I'm trying to get at. My search of google and Abaqus' online help has only led me to one...
  50. D

    Modeling Piezoelectric sensor in ABAQUS

    Hi, Well i have tried modeling a PZT actuator in d33 mode in abaqus and the model worked as desired. But, when i m trying to model a piezoelectric sensor in d33 mode the results are not as desired. Just to check the modeling procedure, i gave same properties of the actuator to the sensor. For...