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ABET accredited grad engineering program?

  1. Oct 19, 2014 #1
    I am shocked that there are only a few schools which got their graduate engineering program accredited by ABET.

    FYI, I used this website: http://main.abet.org/aps/Accreditedprogramsearch.aspx

    For undergraduate programs, there are quite a few schools which have ABET accreditation.
    For graduate programs, many schools do not have ABET accreditation.
    For example, in California there are only three accredited graduate engineering programs. Schools like UC Berkeley, Stanford, USC don't have their grad engineering programs accredited?

    It's mind-boggling... Anyone knows why this is the case?
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    This has been discussed at my university on a few occasions and there are two schools of thought:

    1) ABET is concerned with accrediting professional engineering programs more so than MS programs because an accredited MS doesn't matter as much as ungrad.

    2) It allows individuals w/o ABET accredited undergraduate degrees to earn a graduate degree that is ABET accredited.
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