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About cosmological quantum rectangular barrier potential

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    Suppose that one electron from the end of the universe is emitted to the quantum rectangular barrier potential whose size amouts to galaxy size.

    This belongs to step potential problem or rectangular barrier potential problem?

    The textbook on Quantum mechanics doesn't deal with the case that the width of
    rectangular barrier potential goes to the infiniteness.

    I find out that the physical result of rectangular barrier potential doesn't not
    converge to the result of step potential.

    How do you think of this cosmological quantum rectangular barrier potential?
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    I think you're mixing things up. (a) Schrödinger's equation for an electron running against a barrier that may or may not be infinite; (b) Cosmological assumptions. You can't deduce that, since your barrier is infinite in width, you're dealing with a cosmological problem. We deal with infinite barriers as a practical thing in condensed matter every day...
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    jrlaguna, Thank for your reply. this problem is about...

    jrlaguna, Thank for your reply.
    In fact, this problem is not about the cosmological problem.
    This problem is about the quantum wave interference in the large system.
    In condense matter theory, I know that that system is not large system.
    So, it is good to apply quantum theory to condese matter.
    But, it is not well known whether quantum theory can apply to the larger system or not.
    Is it tested the case that the width of potential amouts to 1m or 1km?
    I have not heard that such a experment is done.
    Do you listen to that experment ?
    Through such a experment, quatum theory on the larger system is tested in detail?
    if it is done, Could you introduce to me?

    thanks a lot
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    Your question, therefore, is whether there can be interference along large distances. Controlled experiments reach quite macroscopic distances, like hundreds of meters, through optical fibers, for example, and are routine already. But much more impressive in this sense are the Hanbury-Brown & Twiss type of experiments, in which the size of a star can be estimated by the quantum correlations between photons coming from different parts of it...

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    Oh!! No! No! The exact experiment on the rectangular barrier potential..

    Oh! No! No!
    The experiment I want to know is the experment about the rectangular barrier potential using one electron.
    The potential in the exprement must be same as rectangular barrier potential in textbook on
    quantum mechanics. It must be using electron.

    Do you know such a experiment?
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    I think this problem is too difficult to answer.

    I think this problem is very difficult.
    This problem is on testing whether quantum theory is right, or Einstein's relativity is right.
    I want to research for this and make the paper on this.

    If one has the interest in this, contact me. mrhun@hanmail.net
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