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Hey guys, I am a freshmen planning to Major in Mechanical Engineering. After I graduate, I want to purse a career in the Aerospace industry coz Aviation is my interest. I was wondering what kind of computer programming skills and CAD designing skills should I acquire inorder to make myself more competitive. About computer programming, which one should I consider learning: >C++ or >MATLAB or >JAVA About Computer Aided Design (CAD) program, which one should I consider learning: >Autodesk AutoCAD or >AutoDesk AutoCAD Mechanical or >Catia V5/V6 or >SolidWorks Please give me some idea on which computer programming language and CAD skills to develop.

Reference https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/required-computer-skills-for-mechanical-engineering.500815/
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The referenced thread pretty much answers the question MATLAB and Solidworks although the other design tools would be good on your resume too.

As an ME you might also get a job in non-aerospace in which case C++ or Numerical Python and sometimes Java for production work might be used in place of MATLAB.

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