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About the linear dependence of linear operators

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    F denotes a field
    V denotes a vector space over F
    L(V) denotes a vector space whose members are linear operators from V to V itself and its field is F, then L(V) is an algebra where multiplication is composition of functions.
    τ denotes a linear operator contained in L(V)
    ι denotes the multiplicative identity of L(V)

    Why is n2 + 1 vectors:
    ι, τ, τ2, ... ,τn2
    are linearly dependent in L(V)?

    I wonder why, if these vectors are linear dependent, then one of them can be expressed as the linear combination of other vectors, but how?

    Thanks for any help!
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    I presume V is n-dimensional? If this is the case, then your list of vectors is linearly dependent because dim L(V) = ____ (fill in the blank).
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    Yes, V is n-dimensional.

    dim L(V) = n2

    Now I understand, if n2 + 1 vectors:
    ι, τ, τ2, ... ,τn2
    are llinear independent, then these vectors span L(V) and dim L(V) = n2 + 1 ≠ n2 = dim L(V), it's a contradiction, so, these vectors must be linear dependent.

    morphism, thanks a lot!
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