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B About the Lorentz invariance of Planck constant

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    Is it proved experimentally that the planck constant is invariant in the moving system?
    If that experiment exists, would you show me that in detail?
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    Theory of Relativity (Special - I assume you're not asking about General Relativity here) says Planck's constant is the same in any inertial frame.

    There isn't just a single experiment to cover this, rather the fact that SR works in all cases tested so far.

    Admittedly many important cases haven't been tested; for instance, no one's actually done experiments in a spaceship going near speed of light.

    Perhaps if you expand on your question a more satisfactory answer would be possible.
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    The value of Planck's constant has never been observed to change with the seasons, even though every physics lab on earth is at rest in a completely different inertial frame in June and in December.
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